Bloomberg Poll: Biden Leads Trump in Wisconsin, Tied in Two Other Swing States

Bloomberg Poll: Biden Leads Trump in Wisconsin, Tied in Two Other Swing States

In a recent 2024 election poll, President Biden has narrowly taken the lead over former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin, while they are tied in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

According to the survey conducted by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult in March, Trump leads Biden by 47% to 43% across seven battleground states. However, this marks a shift as Biden is gaining ground against Trump for the first time in five months.

Specifically, Biden is supported by 46% of registered voters in Wisconsin compared to Trump's 45%. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, both candidates have equal support at 45%.

In comparison to February, Biden's numbers have improved as he trailed Trump by four percentage points in Wisconsin, six percentage points in Pennsylvania, and two percentage points in Michigan in the previous survey.

Trump maintains leads over Biden in Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina, as well as a slight advantage in Nevada. These numbers shift slightly when third-party candidates are included in the survey.

The survey also highlights the views of voters on the candidates, with Biden holding a one-point lead over Trump among registered voters nationwide. However, both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have unfavorable opinion ratings, with a majority of swing state voters having an unfavorable view of Trump as well.

The poll also delves into voter motivations, with fewer Trump supporters voting against Biden compared to Biden supporters voting to block Trump's reelection. In Wisconsin, a significant portion of Biden supporters are motivated by opposition to Trump.

Additionally, the poll indicates that vice presidential picks may play a significant role in voters' decisions, particularly given the ages of Trump and Biden.

The survey was conducted among registered voters in several battleground states, with respondents filling out online surveys during specific time frames in March.

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