Donald Trump Gets Best News Of 2024 - 'Never Seen This Before!'

Donald Trump Gets Best News Of 2024 - 'Never Seen This Before!'

The Cook Political Report has recently adjusted its forecast for the 2024 presidential election, moving five key swing states and Nebraska’s swing district in favor of former President Donald Trump.

Amy Walter, the editor-in-chief of the non-partisan election forecaster, detailed the changes to their electoral map, stating, “As of July 9, the Democratic Party is living in a state of suspended animation. Despite growing calls from many in his party to leave the contest, President Joe Biden has made clear he has no intention of dropping out.”

Walter continued by noting that while many insiders remain hopeful that Biden will heed his poor polling numbers and step down, this scenario seems increasingly “remote.”

According to the latest Electoral Map prediction, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada have all shifted from “toss-up” to “lean Republican,” placing 268 electoral votes in Trump’s column.

Additionally, Cook Political changed Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Nebraska’s 2nd District from “likely Democrat” to “lean Democrat,” indicating that Trump might now have a chance to win these traditionally blue areas.

President Biden currently has 226 of the 270 electoral votes needed, with the remaining 44 being crucial contests, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Cook Senior Editor Dave Wasserman commented on the shift, stating, “The notion that the presidential race is a Toss Up was a stretch even before the debate. Today, Trump has a clear advantage over Biden and a much more plausible path to 270 Electoral votes.” In the Cook forecast, Trump only needs to win one of the three toss-up states to secure the election.

A substantial 72 percent of voters believe Biden should not run for a second term, an increase of nine points since February.

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll highlights potential concerns among voters about Biden’s capacity to complete his term.

This survey will be one of the first post-debate polls that Democratic strategists and donors will scrutinize to evaluate the impact of Biden’s debate performance on his candidacy.

Among Democrats, 46 percent said Biden should not seek a second term, a 10-point increase since February. When asked why Biden should not run, respondents cited:

– His age: 86 percent

– Decisions he might make in office: 71 percent

– His record as president: 66 percent

– Ability to campaign effectively: 59 percent

– Seventy-two percent of voters say Biden does not have the “mental” and “cognitive health” to serve, up from 65 percent since June 9.

“After the debate, some Democratic officials reportedly said Joe Biden should step aside as the nominee and give another Democrat a chance to run for president in 2024. That idea finds resonance with nearly half the nation’s rank-and-file Democrats,” CBS reported.

“That’s related to perceptions of Mr. Biden’s health: Democrats who don’t think Mr. Biden has the mental and cognitive health to serve are more likely to say he shouldn’t be the nominee. And that former number has increased among Democrats. It’s also gone up among independents,” the outlet added.

A leading pollster analyzed the results of a new survey regarding Biden’s job performance and approval, explaining that the data is much worse for him than what’s been reported in the mainstream media.

“Key demographic groups aren’t just mad at Joe Biden; they’re abandoning him in droves. When you consider his historically low polls, this isn’t a traditional ‘presidential slump’ that can be brushed off and fixed with some stumping and handshaking. What we’re witnessing right now, and what the media won’t tell you, is that this is a ‘CODE RED’ in the political world. We’re watching the complete collapse of a political figure, and the media is in a frenzy, trying to cover it up,” the outlet reported.

“The Suffolk/USAToday Poll is showing what we’re all seeing, which is NOT a normal weak showing one year out for an incumbent president seeking re-election,” pollster Rich Baris commented on the X platform.

“Historically, he’s far below Barack Obama at this point (who won) and significantly lower than Donald Trump (who lost). H.W. Bush was higher, but his approval was falling RAPIDLY from far higher than Biden has ever been,” he added.

“It’s not just that these demographic groups are ‘abandoning’ Joe Biden. Donald Trump is gaining among key Democratic constituencies, Hispanic, Under 35. It’s the one poll NOT showing gains among Black voters. Clearly, he is in the consensus,” Baris continued.

“I’d just also note that ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘voting likelihood’ are not the same thing. Higher turnout benefits Trump. People need to get used to understanding that now,” he wrote.

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