Macron Finally Speaks out Over Claims His Wife Brigitte Was Born a Man

Macron Finally Speaks out Over Claims His Wife Brigitte Was Born a Man

French President Emmanuel Macron has addressed, for the first time, the unfounded rumors claiming that his wife, Brigitte Macron, was born as a man, dismissing them as 'false and fabricated.' The president expressed his frustration with such baseless speculations, emphasizing the harm caused by false information and fabricated scenarios that can disturb personal lives.

Speaking on International Women’s Day, Macron denounced the transgender claims against his wife, labeling them as typical examples of misogynistic online attacks that women endure regularly. He highlighted the broader issue of false narratives circulating on social media and the negative impact they can have.

This statement comes after two women were fined for spreading false claims that Brigitte Macron was born a man. Despite facing symbolic fines, the defendants insisted they were victims of 'intimidation by the authorities,' suggesting an attempt to cover up a 'state secret.'

Brigitte Macron’s daughter, Tiphaine Auzière, also commented on the rumors, expressing concern about the level of society when such baseless narratives circulate on social networks. She discussed her childhood discovery of her mother's relationship with the teenage Emmanuel Macron, emphasizing the impact it had on her.

The video promoting the transgender rumors about Brigitte Macron, created by Amandine Roy and Natacha Rey, was removed from YouTube. The false claims gained traction in 2022, exploited by far-right groups during President Macron's reelection campaign, including the Yellow Vests and anti-Covid vaccine protesters.

The president's remarks not only defend his wife but also draw attention to the broader issue of misinformation and its repercussions on individuals' lives.

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