Nancy Pelosi Accidentally Drops Scary Joe Biden News On Live TV

Nancy Pelosi Accidentally Drops Scary Joe Biden News On Live TV
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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged that Democratic donors are “split” on whether they want President Joe Biden to continue as their party’s leader after his poor debate performance on Thursday against former President Donald Trump.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, the host noted that the California Democrat is a “legendary fundraiser” before asking what she has been hearing from party donors following increased calls for Biden to step down.

“What are you hearing from your large network of people about whether he is up to it?” Mitchell asked Pelosi.

“I hear mixed. Some people are saying because Donald Trump is such an authoritarian and autocrat, we have to win this election. This is not a normal election where you want to win and if you don’t, you cooperate the best you can for the country and hope to win the next time,” Pelosi replied. “This is something that is undermining our democracy, and he must be stopped. He cannot be president so therefore people are very concerned. It’s split.”

Pelosi praised Biden as the “most patriotic” person in the country and claimed he’s been “at the top of his game” every time she’s spoken to him.

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“It’s going to be up to Joe Biden to do what he thinks is — there is no more patriotic person in our country than this president of the United States [and] nobody less than the former president,” she said.

“I trust his judgment. I think that — again, I’m not a doctor. I can’t say what happens three, four years down the road, but I think that in my experience, which is what you asked me, I think that he will continue to be a great president of the United States,” she said.

A polling firm known for its accurate predictions has made a significant projection for the 2024 presidential outcome.

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AtlasIntel, known for its precise insights, conducted a poll showing Trump leading Biden by 5.2 points in a full-ballot estimate, up from a February poll by the same agency, which had Trump leading by 2 points.

Other findings from the poll included 56.3% disapproving of Biden’s performance as president, while only 39.7% approve. 52.5% rated Biden’s performance as “bad/terrible,” 29.4% as “excellent/good,” and 17.6% as “regular.”

Biden received additional bad news from a majority of Americans in a new survey following his poor debate performance against Trump on Thursday.

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According to a CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday, an overwhelming 72 percent of Americans believe that Biden does not have the “mental and cognitive health to serve as president.” This marks a 7-point increase from just three weeks ago. In comparison, voters are evenly divided on whether former President Donald Trump has the mental and cognitive capacity for the job, with 50 percent saying he does and 49 percent saying he does not.

The survey also revealed that an overwhelming number of Americans, including almost half of his own party, believe that Biden should not run for reelection.

Overall, 72 percent of respondents told CBS/YouGov that Biden should not seek reelection, including a surprising 46 percent of Democrats.

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AtlasIntel, which accurately predicted the 2020 popular vote and captured the mood in 2022, now suggests that Trump is leading with 45.5% over Biden’s 40.3%, with Robert Kennedy Jr. securing 10% of the vote as a third-party candidate.

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