NOT GOOD - Former DA Drops BRUTAL News On Hunter Biden

NOT GOOD - Former DA Drops BRUTAL News On Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden has received troubling news from a former district attorney who believes the evidence against him is compelling.

Former District Attorney Phil Holloway appeared on Fox News, commenting that the defense strategy is focused on garnering sympathy for Hunter Biden.

“If the jury is paying attention to the presentation that the prosecutors are putting on, the presentation in the front of the courtroom, these witnesses did a lot of damage to Hunter Biden,” he said. “[I]t’s obvious that at the relevant time when he bought that gun, he was both addicted to drugs and he was also an unlawful user of drugs, particularly, I think, crack cocaine being the big one.”

“But here’s the thing, Harris. There’s another presentation that’s taking place in that courtroom, and it’s for the benefit of the jury. The presence of the First Lady, the presence of the rest of the Biden family, all that stuff is there for the jury to see. The defense has orchestrated it for the benefit of the jury,” he explained. “They’re trying to evoke sympathy. This is in the Biden’s backyard. There’s bound to be people on that jury who have great affection for at least some of the Bidens.”

“So this is an effort to get jury nullification, which is, of course, when the jury says okay, maybe he’s guilty, the evidence is there, but we’re gonna give him a pass anyway, that’s they have the power to do it,” he noted. “The lawyers cannot directly ask for it, but they’re doing it in the way that you see playing out in the courtroom.”

Hunter, son of President Joe Biden, faces charges for allegedly purchasing a firearm while addicted to drugs and lying on the background check form.

The prosecution's evidence has been strong, though his daughter Naomi provided contradictory testimony for the defense.

She testified that during a 2018 visit to her father in a Los Angeles rehab, he was “the clearest he had ever been since my uncle [Beau Biden] died.”

“He seemed really great,” she told the jury on Friday.

She also mentioned that weeks after her father purchased the firearm, she borrowed his truck for a drive from New York to Washington, and the vehicle was in good condition with no signs of drug use.

Her testimony contradicted that of Hallie Biden, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend and ex-sister-in-law, who stated the car was filled with drug paraphernalia and trash at the same time.

On cross-examination, Naomi admitted receiving a strange text from her father about five days after he bought the weapon, around Oct. 17, 2018, The Washington Times reported:

In the texts, Hunter Biden asked if her now-husband could bring the truck to 57th and 5th Ave. in Manhattan to swap cars.

“Right now?” she responded.

Prosecutor Leo Wise questioned if she knew what her father was doing at two in the morning or why the car swap was urgent.

“No,” Naomi Biden replied, noting her dad still “seemed good” and she was “hopeful.”

“I’m really sorry dad I can’t take this,” she wrote in a later text to Hunter Biden in October 2018, expressing frustration over trying to “hang out” with him in New York while he was unreachable. Hunter Biden later apologized for being unavailable.

This trial marks the first time the son of a sitting U.S. President is facing a criminal trial.

President Biden confirmed to ABC News that, if convicted, he would not pardon his son.

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