Pro-Trump Lawyer Arrested on Charges Related to Dominion Voting Machines

Pro-Trump Lawyer Arrested on Charges Related to Dominion Voting Machines

A lawyer supportive of former President Donald Trump's efforts to contest the 2020 presidential election results was arrested in Washington on Monday due to a bench warrant from Michigan.

The warrant for attorney Stefanie Lambert was issued after she failed to attend a hearing regarding four election-related felony charges against her, as reported by The Detroit News.

Lambert was in Washington for a Monday hearing where she was representing Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock, in a defamation lawsuit brought against him by Dominion Voting Systems.

Following the conclusion of the hearing, U.S. marshals entered the room and secured the doors. Lambert, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges in Michigan, was subsequently taken into custody.

Metropolitan Police Officer Hugh Carew confirmed that Lambert was being held as a fugitive from justice.

The charges against Lambert, filed by special counsel D.J. Hilson in August, include unlawful possession of a voting machine, according to The Detroit News.

Despite being ordered to provide fingerprints, Lambert has resisted, claiming that Hilson intends to compare her fingerprints with evidence from the voting tabulators, the outlet reported.

Lambert was expected to attend a hearing on March 7 regarding the fingerprinting issue but did not appear, leading to the issuance of the bench warrant.

Daniel Hartman, Lambert's attorney in the Michigan case, stated that her failure to appear was not intentional and attributed it to receiving conflicting information about the fingerprinting requirement, as reported by The Washington Post.

Hartman argued that the arrest warrant may have been unjustly issued, adding, "To add to this entire ordeal, there is an arrest warrant that probably should not have been issued."

During Monday's hearing, Lambert mentioned that she had shared internal emails from Dominion, obtained through her representation of Byrne.

Dominion is seeking her disqualification from the case due to this action.

In court, Davida Brook, an attorney for Dominion, expressed frustration, stating, "It has been nearly four years. When does it stop?"

Brook emphasized that Dominion has pursued legal action "to halt the falsehoods and threats of violence."

Regarding Lambert and Byrne, Dominion's lawyers asserted that their actions have led to new threats against Dominion and its employees.

CNN noted that Lambert shared the Dominion documents with Barry County, Michigan, Sheriff Dar Leaf, who subsequently posted over 2,000 of them online.

Lambert, Leaf, and Byrne claim that the documents provide evidence of interference in the 2020 election by Serbian nationals, a claim that Dominion refutes.

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