Trump Announces MAJOR New Partnership

Trump Announces MAJOR New Partnership

On Tuesday, former President Donald J. Trump announced his collaboration with famed musician Lee Greenwood, best known for his patriotic anthem “God Bless the USA.”

This partnership focuses on the promotion of the “God Bless the USA Bible,” designed to encourage Americans to integrate their faith with their national identity more profoundly.

Included in this unique edition of the Bible, which features the King James Version, are pivotal American documents such as the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Trump asserts that the inclusion of these documents aims to safeguard American freedoms and rights, which he sees as under constant threat.

In his statement, Trump expressed, “I’m proud to be partnering with my very good friend Lee Greenwood. This Bible is very important to me. It’s the King James Version, and it also includes our founding father documents. Yes, the Constitution, which I’m fighting for every single day very hard to keep Americans protected.”

Trump emphasized the necessity of this Bible for both spiritual and patriotic reasons, stating, “You have to have it for your heart, for your soul. Religion and Christianity are the biggest things missing from this country, and I truly believe that we need to bring them back, and we have to bring them back fast.”

He linked the nation's cultural and spiritual malaise directly to a decline in religious adherence, observing that America is suffering from a loss of its religious core.

Trump made a compelling argument for reinvigorating Christianity within the American cultural framework, suggesting that a renewal of faith is critical for the nation’s economic resurgence. He passionately noted, “Every American home needs a Bible, and I have a lot of them. That book is my favorite.”

In promoting the Bible, Trump also took the opportunity to criticize attacks on religious freedoms, particularly those coming from the media and left-leaning organizations. He called for the protection of pro-God messages in public spaces and encouraged Christians to defend their right to worship and express their beliefs openly.

He highlighted the nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian values, now facing unprecedented challenges, according to him. Trump called on his followers to be vocal, pray, and seek divine guidance to rejuvenate and bless America.

In concluding his endorsement, Trump didn’t just commend Greenwood for his musical talents but also his character, saying, “He is truly exceptional. And I believe that everyone of you ought to obtain a copy of God Bless the USA Bible right away and contribute to evangelizing others.”

As Holy Week progresses, Trump’s message resonates clearly: It’s time for America to embrace prayer once more.

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