White House Staffers Stunned by What Hunter Biden Is Now Doing

White House Staffers Stunned by What Hunter Biden Is Now Doing

A recent report highlights the participation of a convicted felon in White House meetings, leaving many uncertain about its implications.

Hunter Biden, who was recently found guilty of three felonies related to lying about his drug use when purchasing a gun, has been attending White House meetings, NBC News revealed on Tuesday, based on unnamed sources.

His involvement began on Monday when he accompanied his father, President Joe Biden, to the White House following a weekend at Camp David in Maryland.

The scope of Hunter Biden's engagement in policy or political discussions remains unclear, with NBC News reporting that he was observed “talking to senior White House staff members.”

One source mentioned that he “popped into” some meetings and listened to several phone calls between the president and his advisers.

This source noted that Hunter Biden became a key adviser during the Biden family's retreat at Camp David, strategizing after the president's poor debate performance on Thursday.

Another source informed NBC News that some senior White House staff members were baffled by Hunter Biden’s presence, reportedly saying, “What the h*** is happening?”

The report indicated that Hunter Biden is a strong advocate for Joe Biden continuing his presidential campaign, even as other Democrats suggest he should consider stepping down.

When asked for a comment, White House spokesman Andrew Bates told NBC News that “Hunter came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech prep” for Biden’s response to the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source, that “Hunter doesn’t trust” his father’s aides.

“I think Hunter wants to be there, and POTUS isn’t going to say no,” the source stated.

The Post noted that Hunter Biden was present at the White House on both Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Mike Howell, executive director of the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation, claimed that Hunter Biden’s involvement is motivated by self-interest.

“It’s just a pure and simple massive interest in his dad staying president so he can pardon not only Hunter, but Joe and the rest of the family for the crimes they committed, and probably Merrick Garland, too, for his role in the cover-up,” Howell told Fox News.

Hunter Biden is scheduled for a September trial on federal tax charges.

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