All Hell Breaks Loose Live On NBC When Shocking News About Biden Surfaces

All Hell Breaks Loose Live On NBC When Shocking News About Biden Surfaces

As the 2024 election approaches, NBC's Steve Kornacki and Meet The Press host Kristen Welker reacted to another survey revealing challenging news for President Biden.

"We talk about the erosion for Biden and now you start to see it," Kornacki remarked in response to the latest survey, expressing surprise, "Look at these numbers."

When questioned about various crucial characteristics and topics like handling inflation and the economy, 52% of respondents favored former President Trump, signaling an advantage for Trump. Only 40% of respondents chose President Biden, marking a 22-point swing in favor of Trump.

Regarding the importance of good physical and mental health for respondents, President Trump also scored significantly.

Concerning Trump's cognitive capacity, 45% of respondents felt more confident than they did about Biden (20% of respondents supported Biden).

In terms of "competence and effectiveness," 47% chose Trump and 36% chose Biden among those surveyed. This contrasts sharply with a poll conducted in 2020 where Biden held a roughly 10-point lead over Trump, prompting a surprised reaction from Welker.

Kornacki highlighted Biden's previous edge over Trump in handling crises, noting a reversal in favor of Trump. The comparison between Trump and Clinton in terms of their presidential track records also shifted, with Trump now surpassing Biden in that aspect.

The concern about Biden's mental health and dissatisfaction with his economic management persists among voters, as reflected in polls.

Despite Biden's significant spending initiatives leading to a shrinkage in his overall lead in recent weeks, the campaign has focused on "Bidenomics," acknowledging political challenges.

Biden's economic advisors consistently assert his administration's strong economic record, although ongoing polling indicates public discontent with inflation and the economy.

A recent campaign ad portraying President Biden as "sharp as a knife" indicates a shift toward addressing questions about his mental health.

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