Barron Trump to Enter Political Arena in a Big Way: Report

Barron Trump to Enter Political Arena in a Big Way: Report

Barron Trump, the youngest offspring of former President Donald Trump, has maintained a distance from the political arena, which is unsurprising considering his tender age of 10 when his father assumed office in 2016.

However, a notable shift is on the horizon. Having turned 18 in March and set to graduate from high school on May 17, Barron Trump is poised to step into the political fray for the first time at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Reports from NBC News reveal that Barron Trump will act as one of Florida’s at-large delegates at the convention in Milwaukee scheduled for mid-July. This revelation comes from an exclusive report by NBC, which obtained a finalized list of the Florida delegation from the state’s Republican Party on Wednesday.

Though he will be the youngest member representing the Trump family in the delegation, Barron Trump won’t be alone in this endeavor.

Joining him are his siblings Tiffany, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr., all selected to journey to Milwaukee to cast their votes, affirming Donald Trump's status as the Republican nominee for the upcoming presidential election in November.

Eric Trump will take on the role of chairman for the delegation, as reported by NBC.

Evan Power, chairman of the Florida GOP, expressed optimism about the delegation's composition, stating to NBC, “We have a great delegation of grassroots leaders, elected officials, and even Trump family members. Florida is continuing to have a great convention team, but more importantly, we are preparing to win Florida and win it big.”

Donald Trump, securing victories in Florida in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, holds significant sway in the state's political landscape.

NBC also highlighted other notable at-large delegates, describing them as "the former president’s top supporters." This group includes Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée, and Michael Boulos, Tiffany Trump’s husband, alongside figures such as former state Attorney General Pam Bondi and longtime Trump adviser Sergio Gor.

Moreover, the delegation features state-level Republican politicians who made the bold choice of endorsing Trump over Governor Ron DeSantis.

The rift between Trump and Governor DeSantis, former rivals in the Republican presidential nomination race, was noted by NBC, emphasizing the Florida GOP's alignment with Trump even during DeSantis' primary campaign.

NBC reported on the removal of a loyalty pledge requirement by party leaders in September, a move backed by Trump but openly contested by DeSantis’ campaign.

Efforts to reach the Trump campaign for comment by both NBC and Axios were unsuccessful.

Barron Trump has recently garnered attention due to his father's request for a recess from his Manhattan trial to attend Barron's impending high school graduation, a request granted by Judge Juan Merchan.

The trial, often framed by mainstream outlets as concerning “hush money payments to an adult film star,” is more accurately described as pertaining to the falsification of business records and is anticipated to extend into late May or even June.

Axios highlighted that among Donald Trump’s children, Ivanka Trump, who declared her retirement from political engagements in 2022, will not be part of Florida’s delegation to the convention.

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