Biden Makes a Claim That He Already Admitted Was False 37 Years Ago

Biden Makes a Claim That He Already Admitted Was False 37 Years Ago

President Joe Biden faced scrutiny over a repeated claim during a speech in Wisconsin, where he stated he was the first person in his family to attend college.

While Biden made this assertion during his speech, a clip from 2022 surfaced showing him discussing his grandfather playing college football, contradicting his recent statement.

This discrepancy has drawn attention as it was previously reported by The New York Times in 1987 that Biden's claim about being the first in his family to attend college was untrue, as members of his family had indeed pursued higher education.

Further investigation by The New York Post revealed that Biden's father had attended Johns Hopkins University.

This controversy resurfaces alongside past criticisms of Biden, including instances where he borrowed passages for speeches without proper attribution and faced allegations of plagiarism during his time in law school.

While some may view this as just another addition to a list of gaffes, it raises questions about Biden's credibility and consistency.

The concern extends beyond recent events, considering Biden's history as a senator when similar issues arose. This prompts reflection on whether attributing such discrepancies to cognitive decline is reasonable, especially given that individuals in their 40s are not typically associated with cognitive decline.

Ultimately, the repeated claim about being a first-generation college student brings attention to Biden's approach to truth and accuracy, highlighting ongoing concerns about his veracity in public statements.

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