Biden to Give College Commencement Address, But There’s a Big Problem: Report

Biden to Give College Commencement Address, But There’s a Big Problem: Report

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has not only highlighted the prevalence of anti-Semitism within leftist circles but has also placed Joe Biden in an incredibly challenging position.

While a significant portion of the country has expressed support for Israel, many on the left, particularly the more extreme factions, have centered their existence around advocating for the Palestinians' cause.

Numerous individuals have observed with dismay the surge of pro-Palestinian demonstrations on college campuses and in other liberal strongholds. These protests have disrupted daily life, including affecting events like the Oscars, which are already known for their progressive stance.

Even President Biden's State of the Union address faced disruptions due to the presence of pro-Hamas protesters.

Recently, NBC reported concerns raised by faculty at Morehouse College regarding Biden's upcoming commencement address on May 19. Faculty members are apprehensive about potential intense protests should Biden attend.

Despite his criticisms of Israel's actions, Biden has refrained from labeling Israel's defensive measures as "genocide."

In response to faculty inquiries, Kendrick Brown, provost and senior vice president of student affairs at Morehouse, organized a virtual meeting to allow faculty members with differing perspectives on Biden's selection as commencement speaker to voice their thoughts.

Local news outlet 11 Alive sought the opinions of current Morehouse students regarding Biden's address. One student, sophomore Raman Enigbokan, expressed reluctance to participate in the commencement, suggesting Biden's appearance might be politically motivated to appeal to young Black voters.

Another student, Eugene Sledge, took a more diplomatic stance, viewing Biden's presence as an honor and hoping for peaceful protests if they occur.

However, given the precedent set by protests at other universities, such as Columbia University, there are concerns that demonstrations at Morehouse could escalate significantly, potentially endangering Jewish students.

Biden's attempts to navigate the Israel-Palestine debate without fully appeasing either side have not quelled the fervor of pro-Palestinian activists on college campuses.

Recent remarks by Biden, condemning anti-Semitic protests while also calling for understanding of Palestinian grievances, have drawn criticism and accusations of pandering on social media platforms.

The Gaza War and the controversy surrounding Biden's commencement address highlight the deep divide within the left, particularly among younger activists who hold staunch pro-Palestinian views.

Biden's potential address at Morehouse could become a contentious event, further complicating his efforts to balance conflicting interests in this ongoing conflict.

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