Blaze at Lincoln Memorial Triggers Major Emergency Response

On Thursday morning, a fire broke out at a kiosk near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., resulting in one person sustaining injuries.

Firefighters promptly responded to the blaze shortly after 7 a.m., as reported by WUSA-TV.

According to WRC-TV, the U.S. Park Police confirmed that the temporary structure, situated on the north side of the Lincoln Memorial and operating as a concession kiosk with a valid permit for the National Mall, was the site of the incident.

D.C. Fire indicated that the injured individual, transported to a local hospital via a U.S. Park Police helicopter, did not suffer life-threatening injuries, as noted by WRC.

Authorities mentioned that the victim has ties to the kiosk, and an investigation into the fire's cause is underway.

At 7:42 a.m., a bulletin from D.C. Fire and EMS stated, "Propane tanks have been secured. The victim has been flown to an area trauma center with serious non-life-threatening injuries."

Video footage displayed two charred propane tanks near the structure.

WPDE-TV reported that the U.S. Park Police assured the public of no ongoing safety concerns in the area post-fire containment.

However, the extensive response from fire and EMS units necessitated street closures, affecting morning traffic in the vicinity, per WUSA-TV.

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