Blinken Furious After Cruz Makes Bombshell Allegation to His Face

Blinken Furious After Cruz Makes Bombshell Allegation to His Face

A tense confrontation unfolded between Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, culminating in Cruz's sharp accusation that the Biden administration is financially supporting adversaries of the United States.

The heated exchange occurred during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing where Cruz and Blinken clashed over Blinken's response to Cruz's inquiry about Iran's oil exports.

"Don't filibuster," Cruz interjected as Blinken spoke without providing a specific number, later interrupting Blinken with, "I'm not interested in speeches."

Cruz then criticized the Biden administration for its approach towards Iran, stating, "This administration is eager for a new Iran deal. You have been providing financial aid to Iran since day one." He pointed out that Iran's oil sales had surged from 300,000 barrels per day to over two million barrels per day under the current administration's watch.

Drawing attention to Iran's support for terrorism, Cruz asserted, "Ninety percent of Hamas's funding originates from Iran."

"In essence, this administration, you and President Biden, facilitated the Oct. 7 attacks by funneling $100 billion to a regime that supports those attacks," Cruz claimed.

Blinken refuted Cruz's assertion, calling it "profoundly wrong" and "disgraceful."

Cruz continued to criticize the administration, stating, "You've financed our adversaries and weakened our allies, making the world much more perilous for Americans."

On his official website, Cruz posted a comment from the hearing where he accused Blinken of presiding over a significant foreign policy debacle. He argued that the administration's approach had led to conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, attributing these crises to what he viewed as the administration's weakness.

Cruz also questioned the administration's decision to pause weapons shipments to Israel, which led to further disagreement during the exchange.

The discussion underscored the ongoing tensions and differing perspectives within the U.S. government regarding foreign policy decisions and national security priorities.

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