Boeing Whistleblower Testifies

Boeing Whistleblower Testifies

During a Congressional hearing, a Boeing whistleblower revealed receiving life-threatening threats, while another highlighted a potential cover-up regarding an Alaskan Airlines flight's door incident.

Sam Salehpour, a Quality Engineer at Boeing, raised concerns about inadequate securing of sections in 787 Dreamliner jets. Ed Pierson, Executive Director of The Foundation for Aviation Society and a former Boeing manager, warned of chaotic manufacturing practices at the company.

Salehpour disclosed facing threats from his supervisor after discussing jet issues. He likened Boeing's safety situation to "playing Russian roulette" with lives, citing uncertainty about potential mishaps.

Pierson expressed suspicions about a cover-up in the investigation of a 737 Max flight's door blowout mid-flight. He alleged a lack of documented work associated with the incident, calling it a "criminal cover-up" that Boeing's leadership is aware of.

Additionally, Salehpour revealed threats of violence from his supervisor, leading to an ethics complaint. Despite this, Boeing allegedly retaliated by sidelining him from duties and key meetings.

Senator Richard Blumenthal highlighted a nail in Salehpour's tire, possibly indicating a threat. Salehpour connected this to attempts to silence him.

Boeing denied Salehpour's structural concerns, asserting no fatigue or cracking issues in their planes. They dismissed Salehpour's claim of workers jumping on fuselage sections to align them.

This follows previous whistleblowing incidents, including John Barnett's, who alleged sub-standard parts being fitted to planes deliberately.

Boeing faces multiple investigations and a criminal probe following safety incidents. CEO David Calhoun emphasized Boeing's commitment to improving safety despite skepticism.

Senator Tammy Duckworth stressed the need to scrutinize Boeing's actions. The FAA also faces scrutiny for past oversights related to Boeing's safety culture.

The Congressional hearing aims to address ongoing safety concerns and potential lapses in oversight, with Boeing cooperating by providing documents and briefings.

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