Breaking: Biden Impeachment Articles Being Drafted

Breaking: Biden Impeachment Articles Being Drafted

Democrats paved the way for impeaching a former president, setting a precedent that's now rebounding on them.

Republican Representative Cory Mills is reportedly drafting articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden following his remarks about potentially withholding aid from Israel if they were to invade Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with CNN, Biden stated his stance on Israel's potential invasion of Rafah, saying he wouldn't provide support if they took such action.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton and others labeled these statements as grounds for impeachment, drawing parallels to Democrats' actions against Trump in 2019 over allegations of withholding aid from Ukraine.

Republican Representative Andrew Clyde emphasized the political motives behind Biden's decision, likening it to Democrats' accusations against Trump.

Criticism of Israel and Biden's remarks have sparked protests on college campuses, particularly after Hamas attacks in 2023.

Biden's move to potentially withhold aid from Israel is seen by some as a bid to court favor with the radical left, similar to the allegations against Trump's actions in 2019.

The impeachment process, once reserved for the most serious breaches of presidential duty, has become more commonplace in recent years, with Democrats' actions against Trump setting a new standard.

The consequences of Democrats' actions in 2019 are now being felt as Republicans use the same playbook against Biden, highlighting the politicization of impeachment in recent times.

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