Brother of LSU Player Pays Big Price for Jumping on Court During Fight

Brother of LSU Player Pays Big Price for Jumping on Court During Fight

The brother of LSU women’s basketball standout Flau’jae Johnson found himself in legal trouble after an altercation erupted during Saturday’s SEC tournament championship game between LSU and South Carolina.

Trayron Milton, 24, was arrested on Sunday and now faces charges of third-degree assault and battery as well as disorderly conduct, as reported by USA Today.

The incident unfolded during the fourth quarter of the game, which ultimately saw South Carolina emerging victorious with a 79-72 win. ESPN recounted the moment when South Carolina guard MiLaysia Fulwiley stole the ball from Johnson, who responded by grabbing her and was subsequently called for an intentional foul. Following this, Johnson collided with South Carolina’s Ashlyn Watkins, prompting South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso to intervene, pushing Johnson to the ground.

Video footage captured the moment when Milton rushed onto the court, shoving Cardoso in the process. According to Fox News, police stated that Milton allegedly pushed an SEC employee en route to the court and stepped on her shoulders in an attempt to reach the court. Milton then vaulted over the scorer’s table to confront Cardoso but was swiftly apprehended by law enforcement.

Although two other individuals attempted to access the court during the altercation, they were reportedly prevented from doing so, as per USA Today.

The incident, which occurred after LSU’s Angel Reese pulled Cardoso’s hair without a foul being called, elicited a range of reactions.

Milton was held in the Greenville County, South Carolina, jail as of Monday, although online records indicate that he was not in custody on Tuesday.

In response to the incident, South Carolina coach Dawn Staley issued an apology, expressing regret for her team's involvement. “For us playing a part in that, that’s not who we are,” she stated. “That’s not what we’re about.” Staley emphasized, however, that the physical altercation “didn’t come from an ugly place.”

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