CBS Forced to Delete Lying ‘Cheap Fake’ Segment, But We’ve Got the Video

CBS Forced to Delete Lying ‘Cheap Fake’ Segment, But We’ve Got the Video

CBS News had to remove a video from social media platform X on Wednesday after claiming it was a “cheap fake” of President Joe Biden seemingly wandering off during the G7 Summit in Italy last week.

The White House has accused Republicans of producing such fake videos of Biden, taken out of context, to support the narrative that he has cognitive issues.

CBS News chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes asserted that this was the case with the G7 footage showing Biden and other world leaders watching a skydiving demonstration.

“Outlets claimed that he was sort of just aimlessly wandering away. The clip amassed millions of views …, when actually if you widen out, you can see that he was talking to one of the members of the military that was participating in that demonstration,” she stated.

However, the supposed “digitally altered video” CBS aired alongside the actual one appeared to be identical. In both, Biden can be seen trying to speak to a paratrooper.

But he did stray off, while the other G7 leaders remained together. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni then approached Biden to bring him back.

CBS later acknowledged the error in the video comparison in a post on X, stating that they had removed the earlier version.

“An earlier post was removed as it included the wrong version of a video. This version has been updated to include the correct clip and label on the edited video,” the news outlet said.

In the updated video CBS shared, the paratrooper is blurred out. Instead of labeling it “digitally altered,” CBS called it an “edited clip.” But who performed that editing? CBS?

Another instance of what the White House described as a cheap-fake video was when Biden seemed to freeze on stage at a Los Angeles fundraiser on Saturday. Former President Barack Obama then stepped in and guided him off the stage.

Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier remarked on Tuesday, “There was nothing fake about former President Obama reaching over to President Biden’s wrist and kind of tugging him to go.”

The same was true when Meloni brought Biden back to where the other world leaders were, Baier further noted.

Biden appears to be having more of these freezing moments recently.

CBS and the White House can attempt to spin it however they like, but Americans can watch the raw video footage and recognize that there’s an issue.

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