Devastating: Kate Middleton Announces ‘Shock’ Diagnosis

Devastating: Kate Middleton Announces ‘Shock’ Diagnosis

Following weeks of intense speculation regarding a potential health issue, Catherine, Princess of Wales, revealed on Friday that she is battling cancer.

The princess conveyed this announcement through a video shared on X, expressing gratitude for the support and understanding she received during her recovery from surgery. She acknowledged the challenging period for her family and praised her medical team for their care.

She disclosed that the surgery she underwent in January, initially believed to be non-cancerous, later revealed the presence of cancer during post-operation tests. Subsequently, she is undergoing preventative chemotherapy.

While the specific type of cancer was not disclosed, King Charles also revealed his own battle with the disease.

The princess and her husband, William, have been managing the situation privately to protect their young family. She emphasized the need for time to process the diagnosis and begin treatment, balancing her royal duties and motherhood.

Addressing concerns about her health and absence, she mentioned the importance of recovery, family support, and the well-wishes received from many.

Acknowledging the media's scrutiny and unfair treatment, a statement from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasized the princess's right to privacy during her treatment and recovery.

The announcement coincided with the end of her children's school term, allowing for privacy amidst public attention.

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