Donald Trump Jr. Lobbying Dad to Pick One of These Running Mates

Donald Trump Jr. Lobbying Dad to Pick One of These Running Mates

Donald Trump Jr. is actively encouraging his father to choose a vice-presidential candidate known for their resilience and aggressive defense, he revealed in a discussion with The Post.

"I'm looking for a combatant in the role," Trump Jr. expressed, acknowledging the harsh political landscape they anticipate facing.

He reflects on the 2016 election, noting that while Mike Pence was a complementary choice for balance, the current political climate necessitates a running mate capable of withstanding and countering severe scrutiny and attacks due to the relentless aggression from political adversaries.

At 46, Trump Jr., the eldest of the ex-president's five offspring, maintains daily communication with his father, often engaging multiple times throughout the day.

He has been advocating for figures such as Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio, biotech entrepreneur and one-time GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, and ex-Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, now hosting a show on X, as potential vice-presidential candidates.

Despite the significant roles his sister Ivanka and brother-in-law Jared Kushner played in the Trump administration, Trump Jr., along with his fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle—who is also closely connected to the campaign—has no immediate intention to emulate their West Wing presence. However, he remains open to possibilities, stating, "I’d never rule anything out."

Should his father win back the presidency, Trump Jr. envisions playing a crucial part in the transition team for 2024, focusing on preventing "D.C. swamp rats" from infiltrating the administration, while Guilfoyle concentrates on fundraising efforts.

While initially hesitant to name others he wishes to include in the transition phase, upon insistence, he mentions John Ratcliffe, former director of national intelligence, and Cliff Sims, a former special assistant to President Trump and author of the bestseller "Team of Vipers," highlighting their loyalty and alignment with "America First" policies from their experience in the first term.

In response to President Biden's actions against former presidents, Trump Sr. issued a cautionary statement about the potential repercussions, which he elaborated on at a New York Young Republicans gala.

Despite the severe tone, Trump Jr. regards his father's statements as not indicative of a vindictive approach but rather as a commitment to leading the country effectively, viewing success as the ultimate form of retribution against political adversaries.

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