Former Top Obama Adviser Arrested on Heinous Charges: Report

Former Top Obama Adviser Arrested on Heinous Charges: Report

A man who provided policy advice to former President Barack Obama is currently in custody in the United Kingdom, facing accusations of several child sex crimes.

According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, Rahamim 'Rami' Shy, 46, from New Jersey, was arrested in late February by officers in Bedfordshire, England.

Shy is charged with 'arranging the commission of a child sex offense,' 'possession of indecent images of children,' and 'possessing a prohibited image of a child.'

The Daily Mail reported that he appeared before a judge in Luton Crown Court on Friday to address these charges.

No further details about the circumstances leading to his arrest or the specific allegations against Shy were disclosed.

The defendant, who did not enter a plea, will remain in custody until a court hearing scheduled for June, with the trial set for August.

The report mentioned that Shy was formerly an executive at the Citi banking group, but a company spokesperson confirmed that he is no longer employed there.

During his career, Shy played a role in developing the White House's strategy for combating al-Qaida and the Taliban, as stated in the Daily Mail.

He was deployed to Afghanistan by the Obama administration while serving as an adviser to the White House.

Between 2008 and 2014, while working for the Department of the Treasury, Shy briefed high-ranking government officials on terror financing, focusing on targeting the groups' funding sources.

Additionally, he worked with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her tenure.

His professional page on LinkedIn, believed to be his, is no longer active and displays a message saying, 'Something went wrong.'

Efforts to reach Shy for comment were unsuccessful, as reported by the New York Post on Monday.

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