Fox News Breaks Bombshell Biden Report

Fox News Breaks Bombshell Biden Report

Fox News host Shannon Bream announced over the weekend that the network was unable to find any Democratic lawmakers or allies of President Joe Biden willing to publicly defend his decision to continue his presidential campaign.

On her show “Fox News Sunday,” Bream disclosed that her team had spent several days trying to locate Democrats who would support Biden’s decision on air, but all were either “unable or unwilling” to do so. She mentioned that numerous Biden campaign lawmakers and allies turned down invitations to appear on her program to discuss the issue.

“Now, before we get to our guests, I want you, the viewers at home, to know something. Our team has spent days reaching out to dozens of lawmakers and Biden advocates and allies,” Bream stated. “We’ve had numerous interactions with the Biden/Harris campaign, but not a single potential guest was either able or willing to join us on today’s show to defend the president and his decision to stay on the ticket.”

She further added: “We will be having a conversation without that voice, which we have been working around the clock to avoid.”

The Daily Wire reported:

Biden has suffered a widespread exodus of support among elected officials, donors, and others in his own party after a June 27 presidential debate with former president Donald Trump. During the debate, Biden appeared feeble and, at times, confused and incomprehensible in a performance that has raised questions over the president’s mental acuity and the effects of age on the 81-year-old president.
A growing number of Democratic lawmakers have called on Biden to exit the presidential race to make room for a new nominee, likely Vice President Kamala Harris. Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas was the first to publicly call for Biden to step aside last week.

“Recognizing that, unlike Trump, President Biden’s first commitment has always been to our country, not himself, I am hopeful that he will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw,” Doggett said in a statement.

Despite his poor first debate performance, Biden has agreed to a second live debate, according to reports, and remains committed to staying in the race.

As he was leaving a campaign event in Madison, Wis., and before boarding Air Force One, Biden was asked if he planned to debate Trump again. “I hope he’ll debate me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t,” Biden responded.

Another reporter asked if Biden was confirming he’d participate in another debate with Trump: “I’m committing now. Absolutely. Whether he’s in or not,” he confirmed.

A third reporter then inquired if Biden planned to drop out of the race, as many Democrats are urging.

“Are you going to drop out of the race, or are you completely ruling that out?” the reporter asked. “I’m completely ruling that out,” Biden answered.


In a Thursday post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “I have the answer to the Crooked Joe Biden Incompetence Puzzle — Let’s do another Debate, but this time, no holds barred – An all-on discussion, with just the two of us on stage, talking about the future of our Country. The ratings were massive for the First Debate, record-setting, in fact, but this one, because of the format, would blow everything away! Let Joe explain why he wants Open Borders, with millions of people, and many violent criminals from parts unknown, pouring into our once great Nation, or why he wants Men Playing in Women’s Sports, or demand ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES within five years, or why he allowed INFLATION TO RUN RAMPANT, destroying the people of our Country, and so much more.”

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