Fox News Panel Stunned Over Brutal Biden Report

Fox News Panel Stunned Over Brutal Biden Report

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity offered unexpected praise to "fake news CNN" and its moderators for conducting a “fair” presidential debate, despite having "trashed" former President Donald Trump “for many years.”

Following Thursday’s debate, Hannity spoke to Fox News in the spin room, almost expressing rare commendation for CNN’s hosts, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. However, he reassured his MAGA supporters by using the familiar “fake” prefix.

Hannity remarked, “In fairness to fake news CNN, Fake Jake, and Fake Dana, they set aside their bias and dislike for Donald Trump for the night, and they actually asked questions and waited for answers.”

He added, “I thought they handled the debate fairly well, something I didn’t expect, given that we’ve seen them trashing Donald Trump for years. So, credit where it’s due for one night.”

According to CNN’s Kayla Tausche, President Joe Biden isn’t considering dropping out of the presidential race despite his poor debate performance and pressure from leftist media.

On Friday morning, CNN anchor John Berman asked, “Lot of questions for the Biden campaign. What are you hearing from the Biden team, Kayla?”

“Well, John, the Biden team, as of now, plans to build on their few wins from last night’s debate. Some have already been highlighted on social media, and they’re looking forward to future challenges,” Tausche began.

“There are no plans for the president to withdraw, and I’m told he remains committed to a second debate in September, set for September 10 and hosted by ABC News, similar to the format of last night’s debate,” she continued.

“The adviser I spoke with mentioned that many on the campaign staff also worked on President Obama’s reelection in 2012, drawing parallels to his first debate, which was considered a low point. They noted that if you listened to pundits after that, Mitt Romney would have been president,” she elaborated.

“But, of course, the significant difference is that after Obama’s debate, no one in his party was calling for him to resign. That’s the situation Democrats are facing now. Behind the scenes, Democrats describe the mood as fatalistic,” she said.

Tausche concluded, “Despite some public calls from members of his party, there’s still considerable concern about what’s next and whether the performance issues can be resolved. If not, the September debate might repeat last night’s outcome, keeping Democrats in the same position as they near Election Day. However, Biden himself didn’t seem fazed by it.”

The media landscape has reacted strongly to President Biden’s poor performance in the CNN Presidential Debate.

Reactions ranged from “dismal” critiques to calls from the left urging him to exit the 2024 race.

Biden’s comments have sparked discussions about whether the expected Democratic nominee should withdraw to allow a contested convention in August.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, a longtime Biden supporter, wrote, “I cannot recall a more heartbreaking moment in American presidential campaign politics in my lifetime—precisely because of what it revealed: Joe Biden, a good man and president, shouldn’t be running for re-election.”

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof tweeted, “I wish Biden would reflect on this debate performance and announce his decision to withdraw, leaving the choice of the Democratic nominee to the convention. Someone like @gretchenwhitmer or @SherrodBrown or @SecRaimondo could still jump in and beat Trump,” referring to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, and Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo.

CNN’s John King highlighted the “very aggressive panic in the Democratic Party” that began early in the debate.

“This was a game-changing debate in that there is now a deep, wide, and very aggressive panic in the Democratic Party. It started minutes into the debate and continues now,” King said.

“It involves party strategists, elected officials, and fundraisers discussing the president’s performance, which they believe was dismal and could harm others on the ticket, and considering what action to take,” he added.

Bloomberg Opinion editor Tim O’Brien tweeted, “Trump’s taken control of the momentum of this debate—despite lying and living in an alternate reality—and Biden simply comes across as a somewhat dazed punching bag.”

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