Fox’s Harris Faulkner Goes Rogue On LIVE TV – Reveals Shocking Truth

Fox’s Harris Faulkner Goes Rogue On LIVE TV – Reveals Shocking Truth

In recent discussions on the escalating issue of illegal immigration, Harris Faulkner from Fox News addressed the situation, particularly focusing on the challenges faced in New York. Governor Kathy Hochul's decision to deploy the National Guard in response to the influx of migrants garnered criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

Faulkner, however, emphasized that the situation in New York was a mere glimpse into the broader problem along the U.S.-Mexico border. Pointing to Eagle Pass, Texas, as the latest hotspot, she highlighted concerns about Border Patrol agents being overwhelmed and the lack of stringent enforcement of border security.

Noting a video showing migrants crossing the Rio Grande, Faulkner expressed uncertainty about the vetting process for these individuals. She underscored the strain on Border Patrol agents, whose primary role is to process migrants swiftly rather than prevent their entry. Customs and Border Protection sources reported over 11,000 migrant interactions in the last 24 hours, marking an unprecedented level of activity.

Faulkner drew attention to a disturbing incident involving a Border Patrol agent who was violently attacked by a group of migrants in the Rio Grande sector. The assailant, identified as a known smuggler branded by cartels as a 'rat,' exemplified a concerning trend of violence following illegal border crossings.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas weighed in on the situation, criticizing President Biden and Democrats for what he perceives as a disregard for the consequences of open borders. Cruz asserted that the administration is willing to accept "collateral damage" in the form of crimes against Americans in pursuit of potential future voters. He further raised concerns about the risk of terrorist activities at the border, citing Border Patrol agents' worries about groups like Hamas and Hezbollah attempting to cross.

In an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Cruz expressed his belief that the current chaotic state of affairs at the U.S. border is causing an increasing number of Americans to prioritize concerns about illegal immigration and migrant-related crimes as the 2024 election approaches. He asserted that the Democrats view the immigrants as potential future Democratic voters, even if it means tolerating negative consequences such as crime and violence.

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