Franklin Graham Announces Tragic Death

Franklin Graham Announces Tragic Death

The Reverend Franklin Graham shared the passing of his aunt, Jean Graham Ford, the sole surviving sibling of his iconic father, the Reverend Billy Graham, on Thursday morning. Franklin Graham conveyed the news and paid tribute to his beloved aunt in a heartfelt Facebook post.

At the age of 91, Jean Graham Ford, like her nephew and legendary brother, was known for her unwavering faith. Franklin Graham expressed, "My Aunt Jean loved the Lord Jesus Christ, her family, her church, and the work of God’s people around the world." He highlighted her role as a significant source of encouragement to his father throughout his extensive ministry, often seeking her wise counsel.

Franklin Graham shared that Jean Graham Ford and her husband, Dr. Leighton Ford, were devoted partners in ministry. Leighton Ford, a minister, met Jean in college, and Franklin Graham emphasized his gratitude for her enduring support and loyalty.

Reflecting on his father's memories of growing up with Jean, the youngest of four siblings, Franklin Graham recounted their childhood on a dairy farm. Despite facing challenges such as Jean's polio diagnosis at a young age, her faith remained steadfast. He shared that even in the face of potential death as a child, Jean expressed peace, confident in her faith and knowing she would be going to heaven.

Throughout her long life, Jean Graham Ford maintained her unshakable faith, even enduring the loss of her oldest son, Sandy, who passed away at 21 due to a rare heart ailment. Franklin Graham expressed gratitude for her impactful testimony, quoting her words, "Sometimes it’s so difficult to trust our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet to me, there’s no option."

As the Graham family grieves Jean's loss, Franklin Graham noted they simultaneously find solace in rejoicing over her profound connection with Jesus. Quoting from II Corinthians, he concluded by extending his prayers to Uncle Leighton, Leighton's son Kevin, and daughter Debbie, thanking the Lord for Jean's well-lived life and acknowledging that her absence from the body means she is "at home with the Lord."

The announcement comes several years after the passing of Reverend Billy Graham in 2018 at the age of 99.

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