Furious Jesse Waters Goes Off Script And Demands Action, Yells To 'Go To Break'

Furious Jesse Waters Goes Off Script And Demands Action, Yells To 'Go To Break'

The recent conversation on Fox News's "The Five" showcased frustrations among conservatives regarding the perceived disparity in treatment between Republicans and Democrats by the current administration and liberal media.

Host Jesse Watters voiced his frustration about the apparent lack of consequences faced by Democrats, contrasting it with ongoing investigations into conservative figures.

Watters expressed his dismay, saying, "no matter what people do against conservatives there is rarely punishment." He specifically pointed out the lack of attention given to allegations against President Joe Biden's son Hunter and brother James, citing FBI "whistleblower disclosures" received by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley regarding potential criminal conduct. Watters emphasized, "And no one’s even talking about it!"

The segment also delved into the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden's laptop and calls for further investigation and legal action. Representative Clay Higgins's strong words during a hearing, suggesting potential arrests of former Twitter executives for interfering in the 2020 presidential election, were also discussed.

The conversation turned heated when discussing FBI Director Christopher Wray and the challenges former President Donald Trump might face if reelected in 2024. Watters criticized what he perceived as an "FBI dictatorship," highlighting frustrations about the lack of tangible consequences for perceived wrongdoing.

During the exchange, Watters exclaimed, "So, we have an FBI dictatorship here. You either fire him and die or you can’t touch him and you still die." His co-host Jeanine Pirro echoed concerns about objectivity, stating, “I believe that there is not an objective Department of Justice."

The exchange between the co-hosts underscored broader debates about objectivity in the Department of Justice, investigations into election interference, and differing perceptions of reality across political divides.

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