George Soros Shocks Republicans With 2024 Election Announcement

George Soros Shocks Republicans With 2024 Election Announcement

Billionaire leftist George Soros seems to have reconsidered his prior support for far-left 'reform' prosecutors he helped elect across the nation.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Soros will stop financially backing these prosecutors as their popularity wanes and more Americans become disillusioned with their lenient crime policies.

“The billionaire, 93, funneled more than $5 million into his fundraising PAC, the California Justice & Public Safety PAC, from 2018 to 2020, but has not spent a penny since the start of 2023,” the outlet reported.

The Daily Mail added, “Namely, the U-turn has hit Los Angeles County DA George Gascon and Alameda County DA Pamela Price ahead of their re-elections, with both seen as being at risk of being booted from office.”

Critics often blame California prosecutors for the state's perceived decline, arguing their lenient crime policies have led to rising crime rates. Soros reportedly stopped funding through his political action committee (PAC), a primary source of support for these prosecutors, according to campaign finance records reported by the Daily Caller.

During the 2020 election campaign, George Gascón received significant support from a PAC, with contributions exceeding $4.5 million. His campaign leveraged the momentum of the Black Lives Matter protests, promoting a distinctly progressive platform.

Gascón’s policies, especially his reluctance to prosecute certain crimes, have drawn criticism from conservative circles.

He publicly stated his intention not to incarcerate individuals for offenses such as resisting arrest, and his administration also avoided prosecuting other crimes, including disturbing the peace, driving without a license, public intoxication, making criminal threats, and loitering to commit prostitution.

Gascón’s policies also included discouraging the issuance of fines for certain offenses, except in cases involving repeat offenders, domestic violence, or physical force against officers.

During his first year as District Attorney in Los Angeles, crime rates surged, with homicides increasing by 11.8% from 2020 to 2021, alongside rises in burglaries and gun-related offenses. A key part of Gascón’s platform was reducing the jail population, eliminating cash bail, and protecting immigrants from ICE.

Gascón secured 25.2% of the vote in an open primary in May but now faces a significant challenge from former federal prosecutor Nathan Hochman in the upcoming November election.

This next election will be particularly challenging as he will no longer have the financial backing of George Soros, who had previously supported his campaign through significant PAC contributions.

Both Gascon and Price have faced or are facing recall efforts.

When she first ran for District Attorney of Alameda County in 2018, Pamela Price received approximately $700,000 from Soros’ PAC, although she did not win that election.

Since assuming office, Oakland—the largest city in her jurisdiction—has experienced a 21% increase in violent crime rates over her first ten months. Price, like George Gascón, advocated for progressive criminal justice reforms, which some have criticized as being too lenient.

Dissatisfaction among community members and the Alameda County Prosecutors’ Association, a union of her employees, which earlier this year voted in favor of her removal, have sparked a recall effort due to the rise in crime under her leadership.

The recall initiative has successfully collected enough signatures to proceed, positioning Price for a potential ouster from her role in the upcoming November election, the Daily Mail reports.

The far-left Open Society Foundation, now run by George Soros’ son, Alex, will be hyper-focused on defeating former President Donald Trump in this year’s election.

In an op-ed for Politico, Alex Soros argued that defeating Trump is important for the left-wing group’s ongoing work across Europe, which has focused primarily on undermining the traditional values-based democratic order on the continent, much like George Soros has done in the United States for decades.

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