Hillary Jumps Into ‘Bloodbath’ Frenzy, Gets Answers She Really Didn’t Want to Hear

Hillary Jumps Into ‘Bloodbath’ Frenzy, Gets Answers She Really Didn’t Want to Hear

Hillary Clinton, known for her often lofty demeanor — reminiscent of Marie Antoinette with her "deplorables" comment regarding Donald Trump's supporters — recently ignited controversy with her approach to engaging on social media.

By questioning Trump's contentious "bloodbath" remark from an Ohio speech and simultaneously preventing public responses by locking her social media account, Clinton's actions have reinforced perceptions of her detachment from the electorate.

Typically, Clinton's X (formerly Twitter) account restricts replies solely to those she follows or mentions, a practice she maintains ostensibly to avoid the barrage of criticism that figures like Trump regularly encounter. However, this method also underscores her perceived distance from those she professes to represent.

In the instance of Trump's "bloodbath" comment, critics argue that Clinton, alongside Democratic allies and mainstream media, has grossly misinterpreted Trump's words, which were primarily a hyperbolic threat of economic repercussions against China, not a call for violence in the U.S. should he lose the upcoming election.

Trump's actual statement, addressing Chinese President Xi Jinping, warned of imposing a "100 percent" tariff on Chinese cars made in Mexico if he's not reelected, suggesting significant economic fallout, not literal bloodshed.

Critics of Clinton's social media tactics argue that her approach to communication exemplifies a broader issue of disconnection and bias, particularly highlighted by her handling of the Benghazi incident as Secretary of State under Obama.

Despite her efforts to control the narrative, the public discourse around these issues flourishes beyond her grasp, with many voicing their opinions across various platforms, challenging her perspectives and highlighting her past controversies.

Others slammed Clinton’s party — and the crime wave it has overseen in major American cities Democrats control.

And some were just viciously funny:

There’s no little doubt the “bloodbath” craze belongs in the establishment media Hall of Shame when it comes to unwarranted attacks on Trump, well below the insanity of Impeachment 1, the “Russia collusion” hoax and the sham of Impeachment 2 but up there with, say, the manufactured outrage over his comments at his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in 2018.

There’s even less doubt that Democrats will dodge being called to account for trying to spin a perfectly normal phrase into some kind of crazed call for chaos.

And there’s no doubt at all that Hillary Clinton is going to keep blithely offering her opinions to the American populace, absolutely unafraid of any response she might get.

She already has it tuned out.

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