How'd They Get Away with This? Hot New Show Highlights Leftist Horrors

Netflix's most recent sensation, "3 Body Problem" has achieved something unprecedented in Hollywood by casting a spotlight on the terrors associated with Marxism, marking a rare venture for the industry.

Since its release on March 21, the series has been met with high praise and overall positive feedback from critics. Crafted by the duo behind "Game of Thrones," David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the show quickly amassed 81.7 million hours of viewership in just its initial four days, reports What’s on Netflix.

Critics and audiences alike have shown their approval, with Rotten Tomatoes ratings standing at 77% and 82%, respectively.

A scene that has captured particular attention on social media features a graphic depiction of a Maoist "struggle session" from Communist China, setting the tone from the series' outset.

This moment in the show paints a vivid picture of the brutal ways dissenters were treated during Mao Zedong's notorious Cultural Revolution, a period responsible for an estimated 40 to 80 million deaths.

The highlighted scene shows a physics professor being savagely attacked by Red Guards for not aligning with the state's ideologies, essentially being publicly "cancelled" amidst a crowd of detractors, many of whom brandish Mao's "Little Red Book"—a publication that has influenced various movements, including the founder of Black Lives Matter.

This candid portrayal of leftist regime atrocities has prompted viewers to share their astonishment on social media that a mainstream Hollywood production would dare to illuminate such dark chapters of history.

A self-identified "survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution" emphasized the disparity in awareness between Nazi Germany's crimes and those committed under Communism, particularly during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, in an X post.

They noted the stark difference in the number of popular movies depicting Nazi atrocities versus those covering Communist horrors, the latter being significantly underrepresented until this show's powerful five-minute opening scene.

Social media users have expressed their shock and appreciation for the raw depiction of such a harrowing part of history on Netflix. "I don’t know if I expected to see such an agonisingly realistic recreation of a Cultural Revolution struggle session, on Netflix of all places," one comment read.

Singaporean journalist Melissa Chen reflected on the impact of visualizing the Cultural Revolution's brutality, suggesting that exposing the harsh reality of such historical events could be a potent tool against totalitarianism.

"It turns out we have a powerful weapon against the psychology of totalitarianism and tyranny. All we need to do is just show people the raw, unvarnished truth of what the Cultural Revolution was like. That’s the role for today’s storytellers and filmmakers. Never again," she remarked on X regarding the impactful scene.

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