Hunter Biden Has Tense Face-to-Face Confrontation with ‘Sugar Brother’s' Daughter: Report

Hunter Biden Has Tense Face-to-Face Confrontation with ‘Sugar Brother’s' Daughter: Report

While Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, known as Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” continues to support President Joe Biden’s son, some members of Morris’ family are urging him to step away, as reported by the New York Post.

The Post revealed on Tuesday that Morris was present in Wilmington, Delaware, on Monday for the commencement of Hunter Biden’s trial. Biden faces charges of falsifying information on a federal form to purchase a gun by denying drug use, a fact he admitted to in his memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

According to the Post, Morris has been financially supporting Biden since their meeting in 2019.

The report mentioned that Morris' 23-year-old daughter, Dulcie Lou Morris, recently confronted Hunter Biden directly regarding the millions of dollars he received from her father.

The Post, citing an unnamed source close to the family, reported that Dulcie Lou Morris urged Biden to “stop taking advantage of my father.”

The source further disclosed that several family members, including Dulcie Lou Morris, expressed concerns about the extensive funds used for Hunter Biden’s legal defense.

“His entire family has distanced themselves from him because they were outraged when they learned he was funding everything,” the source stated.

According to Politico, a person close to Morris, granted anonymity to discuss private matters, explained that the 60-year-old initially intended to help Hunter Biden but has struggled to disengage.

“Kevin initially stepped in financially because he saw that Hunter was not receiving assistance from anyone else,” the source explained.

“Now, after four and a half years, Hunter is still without support, and Kevin is financially drained. With Hunter facing two criminal trials soon, he is left with no resources. The situation is quite dire.”

Morris acknowledged this account, as reported by Politico, without providing further details.

In a letter addressed to the House Oversight Committee, Morris’ attorneys listed over $6.5 million as loans extended to Hunter Biden. These funds were transferred to Biden between 2021 and 2023, with no repayment expected until after Oct. 1, 2025.

Additionally, the Post noted that Morris covered monthly rent of $17,500 for a house in Venice Beach, California, for Hunter Biden from January to October 2020.

Morris also invested $1 million in purchasing 13 paintings from the president’s son.

Moreover, Morris has been linked to the president’s impeachment inquiry, as reported by CNN. House Oversight Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan have accused the CIA of hindering attempts by the Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service to interview Morris as part of the investigation.

The CIA has refuted these claims, although representatives from the committees assert otherwise.

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