Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Goes Public - Drops Bombshell Days After Debate

Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Goes Public - Drops Bombshell Days After Debate

Several sources, including family members and political insiders, claim that First Lady Jill Biden is playing a significant role in keeping President Joe Biden in the race despite growing concerns.

According to the New York Post, Jill Biden's ex-husband Bill Stevenson remarked that she is "not the same person" he married in 1970 and suggested that she is keeping her "struggling" husband on the campaign trail because "she wants to be president now."

“The Dr. Jill Biden who I’ve seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way. She’s matriculated into a completely different woman,” Stevenson told The Post.

“I just don’t understand why she is so adamant about defending him and keeping him in the race since it appears that he’s struggling. It appears that he’s struggling with everybody these days. I’ve been proud of her at certain moments. I have no hard feelings,” Stevenson added.

“I’m just surprised to see her front and center in the middle of this battle after flying under the radar for so many years. She’s always been very driven. People say she’s the one who wants to be president now,” Stevenson continued.

Stevenson declared: “It makes me cringe every time he calls Trump a liar because I’m telling you right now, there is no better liar than President Biden. He’s just a bad person. I’m probably one of the few people outside his family who has known him for 50 years.”

“Look, I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist, but yeah, I felt he lost a step three or four years ago. Now I think it’s more like a couple of steps. Do I feel badly for him? No, because he did some horrible things to me and my family,” Stevenson said.

It has indeed been evident that the First Lady’s role in her husband’s administration has expanded during his presidency and into the campaign.

Some people commented that a popular video suggested Jill Biden knows the president isn’t thinking clearly, as she spoke to him in a manner akin to a mother speaking to a five-year-old.

Despite harsh criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for his performance in his first presidential debate appearance, Jill Biden praised President Joe Biden on Thursday night.

At the debate after-party, Jill Biden welcomed her husband on stage in front of a live audience, as if she were happy that the president was able to answer basic questions.

“Joe, you did such a great job! You answered every question, you knew all the facts!” Jill Biden cheered for a smiling Joe Biden on stage.

“And let me ask the crowd, what did Trump do?” the first lady continued, turning to the audience and gesturing before shouting, “Lie!”

The video has gone viral across social media since the debate, with many articles noting Jill Biden’s manner of speaking as reminiscent of praising a child.

The media landscape has erupted in response to President Joe Biden’s dismal performance during the CNN Presidential Debate.

Responses have ranged from severe critiques to outspoken requests from the left for him to exit the 2024 race.

Because of Biden’s comments, there have been discussions regarding whether the presumed Democratic nominee should withdraw from the race to clear the way for an August convention contest for the nomination.


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