Judge Makes Major Admission In Trump Trial

Judge Makes Major Admission In Trump Trial

In the ongoing hush money trial, Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan has once again emerged as former President Donald Trump's formidable adversary. However, he also acknowledged the possibility of Trump being elected president again next year.

Merchan reprimanded Trump for violating a gag order just hours into Monday’s hearing, citing remarks made about the jury in a recent interview as insults that could endanger their safety.

According to Merchan, Trump's public statements about the jury selection raised concerns about the jurors' safety and the integrity of the proceedings.

During an interview on Real America's Voice, Trump discussed the jury's composition, expressing concerns about the trial's erratic pace and the quick selection of a predominantly Democratic jury.

Trump's violation of the gag order incurred an additional fine of $1,000, with Merchan warning of potential jail time for further infractions.

Merchan emphasized the seriousness of Trump's remarks, stating that they constitute an attack on the rule of law and could disrupt the fair administration of justice.

However, he noted that putting Trump in jail is a last resort due to his status as a former and potentially future president, acknowledging the potential disruptions such a move could cause.

The trial continued with testimonies from witnesses close to Trump during the 2016 campaign. Hope Hicks, Trump’s former senior communications aide, testified that Trump's priority was shielding his family and former First Lady Melania Trump from criticism regarding hush money payments.

Hicks's testimony contradicted claims by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that Trump should have categorized hush money payments as political campaign expenses rather than business expenses.

Hicks stated that Trump was concerned about his wife's reaction to the payments, illustrating his focus on protecting his family during the campaign.

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