Kamala Harris Slips And Drops Truth Bomb About Biden

Kamala Harris Slips And Drops Truth Bomb About Biden

During an interview on NBC Nightly News, Vice President Kamala Harris, a potential presidential successor, had an unusual moment of clarity. The NBC correspondent, seemingly unfamiliar with basic civics principles, questioned Harris about the lack of bipartisanship in Congress and suggested using executive orders from the White House.

In response, Harris swiftly dismissed the idea, emphasizing the American people's need for leadership that addresses and solves problems. She added, "We have a lot of work to be done, but let us not negate the role and responsibility of leaders in Congress."

Election analyst Steve Kornacki highlighted concerns raised by NBC News last month regarding former President Donald Trump's substantial lead over President Joe Biden. A survey by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies, explained by NBC's Kristen Welker, revealed Trump leading Biden by five points in a hypothetical general election matchup. This lead is the largest in 16 polls conducted by NBC, marking a significant shift since 2019 when Biden consistently led in such polls.

The NBC survey also indicated a decline in approval for President Biden, with only 37% approving and 60% disapproving of his job performance. Biden's challenges extend to swing states, where he trails Trump by an average of five points in seven crucial states.

Adding to Biden's woes is the entry of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has secured a spot on ballots in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. Kennedy is expected to siphon votes away from Biden in a potential 2024 contest.

The article humorously speculates that Harris' statement about Biden losing in November may come true, referencing Trump's supposed launch of the "most broad and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" in jest.

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