Kayleigh McEnany Shares Massive News

Kayleigh McEnany Shares Massive News

Kayleigh McEnany criticized Democrats for their hypocrisy regarding the Supreme Court, pointing out their recent efforts to disqualify former President Donald Trump from the presidential ballot during an election year.

McEnany, who served as White House press secretary under Trump, had a conversation with former Deputy Independent Counsel Sol Wisenberg about the left’s attempts to undermine the Supreme Court’s credibility.

Below is a transcript of their discussion:

WISENBERG: “I think they will take a look at presidential immunity in the context of criminal prosecutions. I think they may take a look at the gag order, and I think it’s very important that they try to decide this with as much unanimity as they can. And I think this will not be a particularly close decision. This section of the 14th Amendment that the Colorado Supreme Court utilized, the majority, is simply not self-executing in my view. That was the position of the then-chief justice of the United States, Salmon Chase, in 1869, less than one year after the 14th Amendment was ratified. I don’t see this as much—so much as an issue of election interference, though it is—as another example of Trump derangement syndrome, this time in the judiciary. And I point out—I say this not as a political supporter of President Trump; I have never politically supported President Trump, but these efforts are very, very disturbing, and they’re very anti-democratic.”

McENANY: “You know, I would love to know your theory on this, but I have heard other legal analysts say, and you know this, you know, I went to law school, textualism, you look at history and precedent, and a lot of folks say there is a reason the president isn’t listed in this section. They list all these other officeholders, but they don’t list the president. You read that with intention. By design, our founders thought about every single word. So do you think this Section 3 of the 14th Amendment even applies to a former president?”

WISENBERG: “You know, that’s very much disputed. I think there are good arguments on both sides. It’s certainly not clear to me that it does apply to the president, and then if it’s not clear, as you know, if the text isn’t clear, you get to go to history and structure and things like that. So some of these questions are close on this issue of what the clause means, but to me, the critical thing, which was discussed in one of the dissents, is that I believe it was Justice Samour who focused on Griffin and the fact that this is not self-executing. What that means is that Congress must put teeth into this section of the 14th Amendment. Congress must say, ‘Here is how we are going to enforce this disqualification clause.’ Now, they did that. They passed a criminal law. It is still on the books, 18 USC 2383. Jack Smith did not indict former President Trump for that. So that’s one critical thing. It’s not a self-executing portion of the 14th Amendment. And two, you have to provide due process. You have to provide due process to somebody you are going to take off the ballot. The process provided here was an absolute joke. President Trump’s people didn’t have the right to subpoena documents; they didn’t have the right to subpoena witnesses. There was not a fair trial in any sense of the word here.”

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