'Law and Order' Halts Filming After Young Girl in Need Confuses Actor for Police Officer

'Law and Order' Halts Filming After Young Girl in Need Confuses Actor for Police Officer

In New York City earlier this month, a young girl lost in the hustle and bustle of the streets mistook actress Mariska Hargitay for an NYPD officer.

Reported by People, an unnamed witness recounted the incident, which occurred on April 10 near the Anne Loftus Playground in Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan.

Unaware that she had wandered into the midst of filming for the renowned TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," the girl approached Hargitay, mistaking her costume badge for that of a real police officer.

The situation arose when the girl, whose age remains unspecified, found herself separated from her mother and sought help from Hargitay.

Production for the episode, one of the final shoots of the season, halted momentarily as reality intervened.

Thankfully, after about 20 minutes, mother and daughter were joyfully reunited.

Last month, "Special Victims Unit" was officially renewed for its 26th season.

Reflecting on her enduring role as Detective Olivia Benson, Hargitay, 60, remarked on the parallel journey she shares with her character. She noted a fan-created mantra, "WWOBD - What would Olivia Benson do?" which resonated deeply with her. She spoke of moments where she naturally embodied Benson's strength and fearlessness, especially in times of crisis, describing it as a "perfect feminist story."

Since the show's inception in 1999, Hargitay has been a constant presence on the series, as highlighted by the New York Post.

Regarding the passage of time and her commitment to the show, Hargitay expressed conflicting emotions. On one hand, she marvels at the 25-year milestone, while on the other, she can't envision the series concluding without her. She emphasized her anticipation for the future, acknowledging personal growth and the acceptance of one's multifaceted nature.

Ice-T, Hargitay's co-star, emphasized the show's unique impact, noting the gratitude expressed by viewers who see it as more than just entertainment. He highlighted its therapeutic value, particularly for survivors of trauma, both women and men.

Originally intending only a brief stint on the show, Ice-T, 66, found himself immersed in the role for what became a 25-year journey.

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