Leading Liberal Soros-Funded Prosecutor Goes MISSING After Big Bomb Drops

Leading Liberal Soros-Funded Prosecutor Goes MISSING After Big Bomb Drops

Kim Gardner, the Democratic former prosecutor in St. Louis, known for her ties to George Soros, has seemingly disappeared from public view.

During an official state audit of cases handled by the former St. Louis circuit attorney, auditors found Gardner to be unreachable.

Last May, Gardner resigned amid widespread criticism of her lenient approach to law enforcement following multiple allegations against her. Authorities are currently trying to locate her as part of an ongoing investigation and to serve her with subpoenas.

However, Gardner's whereabouts remain unknown.

The Associated Press has reported that auditors are struggling to locate the former circuit attorney, hindering the progress of the state audit of the St. Louis office responsible for prosecuting criminal charges.

Missouri Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick stated that despite months of attempts to reach Gardner, including serving her with a subpoena, her location remains elusive.

"This behavior aligns with Kim Gardner's pattern of avoiding transparency and accountability," Fitzpatrick commented in a press release. "Despite being aware of our ongoing audit and our desire to speak with her regarding her tenure in office, she has not made any effort to comply with our requests or address our inquiries."

Gardner, a Democrat, was elected as St. Louis's first black circuit attorney in 2016, with support from Soros-backed groups advocating for progressive prosecutorial policies, such as holding law enforcement accountable, advocating for the release of wrongfully convicted individuals, and diverting low-level offenses to mental health or substance abuse treatment programs.

Her tenure, however, has been marked by criticism of her failure to fulfill her legal duties. Under Gardner's leadership, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office saw a significant decrease in effectiveness, coinciding with a surge in violent crime in the city, which is predominantly governed by Democrats.

The office, once the busiest in Missouri for jury trials, experienced a notable decline in the number of criminal cases prosecuted during Gardner's tenure, leading to strains on the city's criminal justice system.

Additionally, upon Gardner assuming office in 2017, a substantial number of lawyers, including more than a third of trial lawyers, resigned from their positions.

Despite the challenges faced during her tenure, Gardner was re-elected in 2020 for a second term before ultimately resigning amid mounting pressure, including public outrage over a case where a young girl visiting St. Louis was struck by a young offender, who should have been incarcerated, resulting in the loss of both of her legs.

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