Leaked Biden Team Doc Makes Things Look Even Worse

Leaked Biden Team Doc Makes Things Look Even Worse

The scrutiny surrounding President Joe Biden’s capability to serve a second term, should he win in November or secure the Democratic Party’s nomination, has intensified significantly following his presidential debate performance on June 27 against former President Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

To conservative viewers, the 81-year-old president appeared as his usual senile self, while left-wing media commentators and Democrats seemed stunned by his struggle to form coherent sentences.

Since then, what the Biden administration does to keep him going has moved from the fringes to the mainstream.

On Sunday, Axios reported it had obtained a template used by White House event staff to guide Biden to a podium during events.

“The five-page document includes two pages with separate pictures of, ‘Walk to podium,’” the outlet reported.

“It surprised me that an experienced political figure like the president would need detailed verbal and visual instructions on how to enter and exit a room,” someone who worked a Biden event told Axios.

However, the president’s team indicated this isn’t unusual.

“If people are not used to seeing advance teams at work, that would be a common reaction, regardless of who the principal is,” Axios quoted an unnamed White House official as saying.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates told the outlet that “high levels of detail and precision are critical to presidential advance work — no matter who is president — and these are basic approaches used by any modern advance team, including the vice president’s office and agencies.”

So, what’s the real story here?

Are the procedures for Biden the same as for other leaders?

If you viewed this report in isolation, you might conclude so, but more astute observers will consider all the evidence used to question his competence.

Remember when footage from a 2022 White House event showed Biden needing instructions to enter the room, greet the audience, and take his seat.

More recently, video evidence, mocked as “cheap fakes,” showed him appearing lost and wandering during public appearances.

The template posted by Axios does seem consistent with the need for carefully planned events, but it looks very bad for Biden under the circumstances.

While other presidents have had meticulously planned events, would anyone truly expect towering intellects like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt to need instructions for basic behaviors?

For Biden, this document exists because he couldn’t function without it.

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