Michelle Obama Rocked By Murder-For-Hire Scheme

Michelle Obama Rocked By Murder-For-Hire Scheme

The former spouse of a well-known art dealer, who was a part of the same social circles as former First Lady Michelle Obama, is facing extradition to Brazil in connection with a murder that occurred over three months ago.

Daniel Garcia Carrera, 53, is suspected of involvement in a murder-for-hire plot that led to the stabbing death of Brent Sikkema, 75, on January 15, as reported by the New York Post.

Brazil is in the process of formally requesting Garcia Carrera's extradition from US authorities, with a hearing scheduled for June 3.

Garcia Carrera was apprehended by the FBI on March 20 in New York City, where he was considered a suspect in Sikkema's death.

Additionally, the FBI alleges that Garcia Carrera had plans to leave the country with 13-year-old Lucas Sikkema, whom he and Sikkema were raising as their son.

Despite their fifteen-year relationship, Sikkema and Garcia Carrera were engaged in a contentious custody battle over the teenager at the time of Sikkema's death.

Authorities claim Garcia Carrera was attempting to flee to Cuba, his home country.

He was released on a $1 million bond but is required to wear an ankle monitor, as per court documents.

An incident report in The New York Times revealed that $40,000 was missing from Sikkema's Brazilian residence at the time of his murder.

Alejandro Triana Prevez was later arrested after security footage showed him inside the house during Sikkema's death.

Gregorio Andrade, Prevez's lawyer, stated that his client alleges Garcia Carrera offered him $200,000 to carry out the murder, claiming he was manipulated.

On the other hand, Garcia Carrera's attorney, Fabiana Marques, asserts her client's innocence, highlighting that he volunteered for questioning via email but was not given the opportunity to speak with the police.

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