‘Most Dangerous Headline in American History’ Reported to FBI

‘Most Dangerous Headline in American History’ Reported to FBI

Trump Derangement Syndrome exhibits characteristics akin to a powerful addiction. Just as addicts require ever-increasing doses to achieve the same highs, TDS-afflicted liberals in the mainstream media need progressively stronger rhetoric to maintain their exhilaration.

On Tuesday, HuffPost appeased this craving for intensifying anti-Trump rhetoric by publishing a headline deemed “dangerous,” which led social media users to alert both the FBI and the Secret Service.

“Supreme Court Gives Joe Biden The Legal OK To Assassinate Donald Trump,” the provocative headline stated.

On Monday, the Supreme Court delivered a mild ruling that affirmed presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts. This means that when a president acts in an official capacity, they are protected from the type of intimidation and retribution tactics currently used against Trump by Democratic Party operatives.

Although the ruling did not explicitly exonerate Trump, it imposed requirements on lower courts that will likely delay the prosecution of his ongoing felony cases, including those related to his protest against the contentious and “rigged” 2020 presidential election.

As a result of these delays, Democrats reacted with intense outrage.

In this context, HuffPost's inflammatory headline mirrored the heightened anti-Trump rhetoric from party leaders.

On the social media platform X, users criticized the violent headline and tagged federal authorities.

“This is the most dangerous headline in American history,” one user commented.

“@fbi the @HuffPost is threatening President Trump. Do your job and investigate immediately,” another user demanded.

Reflecting a lack of confidence in federal law enforcement, one user tagged the FBI but expressed doubt about the bureau's willingness to act on Trump’s behalf.

Even well-known conservative accounts reacted.

“End Wokeness,” an account with over 2.6 million followers, tagged the Secret Service.

“CC: @SecretService. PS: Delete your joke of news site,” the tweet stated.

Conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley addressed the situation in a post to his 1.5 million followers on X.

“Anyone calling for Biden to use lethal military force against Trump is effectively calling for Trump’s assassination. Report them to X and proper law enforcement authorities. These Marxists are getting desperate … and violent,” O’Handley wrote.

The media and establishment's contempt for Trump began with mockery and the treasonous Russia collusion hoax — typical deep state tactics allowing them to feel superior while scheming behind the scenes.

Eight years later, the thrill from these early deceptions has faded. The desperate establishment needs a new high, leading to unashamed public calls for assassination.

How far might they go to satisfy their Trump-hating addiction? Without intervention, the extent is unpredictable.

One certainty remains: The HuffPost headline pushes the boundaries of what a peace-loving society can tolerate in political rhetoric.

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