Nancy Pelosi Makes 'Earth Shaking' Comments on Biden Dropping Out

Nancy Pelosi Makes 'Earth Shaking' Comments on Biden Dropping Out

Democrats are in a difficult position with President Joe Biden as their candidate for this fall’s presidential election.

In his first debate with the presumptive Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump, Biden appeared to have a severe breakdown, which sent the left-wing media and Democrats into a panic.

It’s evident that unless something significant changes, the 81-year-old Biden is poised to lose in November to the man Democrats despise — prompting many within the party to call for him to withdraw from the race.

Biden has rejected these demands, insisting there is almost nothing that will convince him to leave the race.

During an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi was asked about her thoughts on the president’s campaign following the post-debate turmoil.

The former speaker’s insights reveal much about the current state of affairs within the Democratic Party.

There were many ways Pelosi could have answered the question.

The 84-year-old California congresswoman could have outright denied Biden’s apparent mental decline, as many Democrats have done for years.

She could have avoided the question, as veteran politicians like Pelosi have done with various issues for decades.

Perhaps the most anticipated response would have been for her to assert there’s no doubt Biden is the Democrats’ nominee and that he has her full support.

Pelosi did none of these.

Instead, her answer indicated a “decision” was still on the table for Biden.

“It’s up to the president to decide if he is going to run. We’re all encouraging him to make that decision because time is running short,” Pelosi said.

This response suggested Biden is contemplating whether to continue with his campaign, but that’s not what he has been publicly stating.

Since the disastrous debate with Trump, Biden has been adamant that he won’t drop out.

He left no ambiguity about his stance in a memo to House Democrats on Monday, declaring he is “firmly committed to staying in this race.”

Pelosi surely knows this and yet, intriguingly, still said she was working with others “encouraging” the president to make a decision.

Maybe the decision Biden made was not the one she and others wanted him to make.

Or perhaps, as pro-Trump commentator Joey Mannarino suggested, the former speaker was signaling to House Democrats that it’s acceptable to demand Biden step down.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News and NBC News described the quotes as “earth shaking” and “hardly an endorsement” of the man seeking a second term in the White House.

This mixed messaging is undoubtedly a result of the challenging situation Pelosi and others find themselves in.

They believe Biden should step down, but if too many Democrats outright demand it and he refuses, he will be greatly weakened electorally come November.

So, we can expect more subtle messaging from Democrats like this, suggesting the president has a decision to make.

They’ll continue to struggle with this until either he steps down or it’s too late.

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