Nearly 19 Million People Have Seen Elon Musk's Warning About Dem Census Scheme

Nearly 19 Million People Have Seen Elon Musk's Warning About Dem Census Scheme

The inclusion of illegal immigrants in the Census for determining voting power and representation is favoring Democrats, a practice they are not willing to alter despite Republican opposition.

Elon Musk highlighted on X that many Americans might be unaware that the U.S. Census counts all individuals in a district, irrespective of their citizenship status, a fact that has caught the attention of over 19.2 million viewers as of Sunday.

Musk criticized Senate Democrats for unanimously opposing an amendment intended to exclude illegal immigrants from the counts that determine congressional seat allocations and the distribution of electoral college votes for presidential elections.

He pointed out that the presence of illegal immigrants predominantly in Democrat-leaning states skews the House of Representatives and Presidential votes by approximately 5% towards the left, potentially altering the overall balance of power. Musk attributed this shift as a significant reason behind the Biden administration's record high illegal immigrant admissions and minimal deportations.

The discussion arose concurrently with Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee's unsuccessful effort to pass an amendment prohibiting the Census from counting illegal immigrants.

Sen. Hagerty accused Democrats of leveraging illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities to bolster their political influence, condemning their unanimous vote against the amendment as a strategy to undermine the significance of American citizens' votes. He vowed to persist in addressing this issue in the Senate.

Fox News conveyed Hagerty's belief that the American public would be astonished to learn that illegal immigrants are factored into the apportionment of congressional districts and electoral votes. He interpreted the Democrats' tolerance of border chaos as a power-conserving tactic.

A 2021 executive order by President Joe Biden mandated the Census Bureau to include all residents, regardless of citizenship status. This policy has drawn criticism for distorting democratic processes, with experts like Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies and Lora Ries from the Heritage Foundation emphasizing the profound impact and necessitating heightened scrutiny on counting illegal immigrants for reapportionment.

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