Newest Biden Ad Mocked Over Claim About His Mental State

Newest Biden Ad Mocked Over Claim About His Mental State

If President Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad is any indication, his team is concerned about America’s perception of his current mental acuity.

And it doesn’t seem like this video is going to alleviate those concerns.

The 30-second spot, released on social media Thursday, features a man identified as Jojo Burgess from Washington, Pennsylvania, who claims to have been a “proud steelworker” for over two decades.

That’s what gives him the credibility to say “I know hard work when I see it,” or at least that’s what Biden’s handlers seem to believe.

This is to support the overall message of the spot: “President Biden gets things done.” However, the ad does little to prove that, instead asserting that Biden is “sharp as a knife.”

“I love to tell the story about meeting President Biden,” Burgess said, “because when you meet him — this guy’s as sharp as a knife.”

He then claimed that “they” — the ad identified “them” as “MAGA Republicans” — “have nothing else to attack, because they can’t attack the things that he’s doing that are so good for this country.”

I disagree, Mr. Burgess. The Western Journal has highlighted Biden’s loose relationship with the truth, his foreign policy failures, the incompetence of his campaign staff, his weak border enforcement — and let’s not forget his push for electric vehicles or the state of the economy.

And those are just from the past couple of weeks. There’s no shortage of issues to criticize this president on.

Burgess continued by mentioning three areas of job growth and infrastructure improvements under Biden, without providing evidence or specific claims.

“Joe Biden gets things done,” he concluded. “That’s just who he is.”

Responses to the ad when it was posted were probably not what the campaign was hoping for — but they were likely as expected.

There were some replies supporting the president, given that he is currently roughly tied in national polls (though former President Donald Trump has a slight edge in swing state polling and therefore the Electoral College), so naturally, he has his supporters.

But it’s doubtful that this video will dispel any doubts his critics have about his suitability for a second term.

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