Nikki Haley Shares Huge News Following The Joe Biden Debate Disaster

Nikki Haley Shares Huge News Following The Joe Biden Debate Disaster

Former South Carolina governor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley is urging her party to get ready for President Joe Biden to be replaced with a “younger” and more “vibrant” contender.

“They are going to be smart about it. They’re going to bring somebody younger. They’re going to bring somebody vibrant. They’re going to bring somebody tested,” Haley told The Wall Street Journal after Biden’s troubling debate performance against former President Donald Trump on Thursday.

“This is a time for Republicans to prepare and get ready for what’s to come because there is no way that there will be a surviving Democratic Party if they allow Joe Biden to continue to be the candidate,” she added.

Referring directly to Biden’s debate showing, Haley commented: “Our enemies just saw that they have between now and Jan. 20 to do whatever it is they want to do.”

Despite a contentious and at times bitter primary rivalry, Haley mentioned she recently reached out to Trump, whom she served as UN ambassador, and they had “a good conversation.” She also noted in May her intention to vote for him in November. Trump has since expressed expectations that Haley will be “on our team” in some capacity if he wins in November.

Following Biden’s poor debate performance, which has significantly impacted his campaign, his family encouraged him to continue his run for office and discussed the potential dismissal of key aides.

“Biden’s family, including First Lady Jill Biden, son Hunter Biden, and their grandchildren, convened at Camp David for a previously scheduled get-together and implored the president to keep fighting in his bid for reelection, Biden advisers told CNN. One adviser described the family members as offering their ‘unequivocal support,’” CNN reported.

“The family – clearly frustrated with the team that prepared President Biden ahead of his alarming debate with former President Donald Trump – discussed whether any of Biden’s top advisers should be fired and whether campaign staffing changes should be made, one adviser said,” the outlet added.

CNN continued: “Biden and his family convened Sunday for a long-planned photo shoot with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Senior advisers had insisted to CNN on Saturday that the gathering was not aimed at discussing whether the president would remain in the race. Angst toward some of Biden’s key staff members has started to spill out into public view. Florida attorney John Morgan, one of the Democratic Party’s most prolific and prominent donors, singled out senior adviser Anita Dunn and her husband, Bob Bauer, who is Biden’s personal attorney.”

Despite intense pressure from leftist media, CNN’s Kayla Tausche reported that Biden is not considering withdrawing from the presidential race.

CNN anchor John Berman asked: “Lots of questions for the Biden campaign. What are you hearing from the Biden team, Kayla?”

“Well, John, the Biden team as of this moment plans to pack up what few wins they had on the debate stage last night. You’ve already seen some of those packaged and posted on social media, and to move on and focus on what’s coming down the pike,” Tausche began.

“There are no plans, I’m told, for the president to drop out of the race, and even further, I’m told that the president is still committed to a second debate in September, which is currently scheduled for September 10 and hosted by ABC News, much along the lines of the rules of the debate that was hosted last night,” Tausche added.

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