NPR Journalist Exposes Network’s DEI Obsession, Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

NPR Journalist Exposes Network’s DEI Obsession, Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

Veteran National Public Radio (NPR) editor Uri Berliner recently published an essay highlighting what he perceives as bias within the government-funded outlet during former President Donald Trump’s tenure.

In his essay, published in The Free Press, Berliner, who has a 25-year tenure at NPR, alleges that the organization had a bias against Trump during his presidency. He suggests that NPR focused excessively on Russia-collusion allegations that were later discredited, leading to what he sees as a lack of viewpoint diversity.

Berliner claims that NPR prioritized stories aligning with Representative Adam Schiff's stance against Trump, which evolved from tough coverage to what he believes was an effort to undermine the presidency. He also criticized the outlet for not covering the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election, citing a desire to avoid what they considered distractions.

Regarding COVID-19 coverage, Berliner mentioned NPR's reliance on Dr. Anthony Fauci's statements about the pandemic's origins, highlighting what he perceives as a bias in favor of the natural origin theory over the lab leak hypothesis.

Berliner also addressed NPR's diversity initiatives, noting that while the organization has invested in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, its audience still lacks diversity. He suggests that NPR's audience has shifted leftward, losing conservative and moderate listeners over the years.

Berliner pointed out NPR's focus on race and identity following George Floyd's death in 2020, with an increase in DEI initiatives and affinity groups within the organization. He suggests that these initiatives have contributed to a lack of viewpoint diversity within NPR.

NPR recently announced layoffs and position freezes due to declining advertising revenue, emphasizing the challenges faced by the outlet in a changing media landscape.

NPR's funding primarily comes from sources outside the government, with less than 1% of its funding coming from federal agencies and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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