Outrage: Biden Tries to Replace Easter with Trans Holiday

This year presents a unique challenge as Easter and “Transgender Day of Visibility” coincide on March 31, requiring delicate handling of the situation.

For those leaning politically left, acknowledging the transgender ideology on this day is important, but it must be done without disparaging Christian beliefs.

Navigating this delicate balance is particularly challenging for those within the politically charged environment of the American left. It demands a high level of sensitivity and diplomatic finesse to avoid offending anyone's beliefs.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden's approach lacked tact and nuance, especially given his advanced age and declining cognitive abilities, as noted during his interactions with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

In a bold move, President Biden officially declared March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility through a statement released on Friday.

However, this proclamation was met with significant backlash and criticism.

Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire expressed deep disapproval, calling it "outrageously evil" and highlighting the insensitivity of choosing the highest holiday in the Christian calendar to celebrate transgenderism.

Others echoed similar sentiments, condemning the timing and messaging of the declaration. Some even accused the White House of waging a war against Christianity.

Actor and filmmaker Kevin Sorbo criticized the decision, particularly in light of Biden's previous actions like banning religious imagery from the White House.

Comedian and commentator Chad Prather expressed strong opposition to conflating Easter with a "woke, IMAGINARY, demonic holiday" like Transgender Day of Visibility.

Overall, Biden's declaration was met with widespread disapproval and was seen as a divisive move that overshadowed the significance of Easter Sunday.

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