Police Release New Footage of Scottie Scheffler Incident

Police Release New Footage of Scottie Scheffler Incident

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department released two videos Thursday morning of the incident outside last week’s PGA Championship that led to the arrest of professional golfer Scottie Scheffler.

Neither video definitively supports the department’s claim that the world’s top golfer ignored a police officer’s commands and dragged him with a vehicle last Friday outside Valhalla Golf Club.

The clips also don’t provide clear evidence for Scheffler, who faces criminal charges but has denied any wrongdoing.

Scheffler was arrested by LMPD officer Bryan Gillis, who stated in a memo released by the department Thursday morning that he instructed Scheffler to stop before he was “dragged” and “knocked down” by the golfer.

At the time, the officer was managing the scene of a fatal traffic accident involving a man and a bus.

One video from a nearby pole-mounted security camera captured the moment Scheffler drove past police security to enter the golf club.

At the 29-second mark in the video, a vehicle believed to be Scheffler’s can be seen entering the club entrance (in the upper left portion of the screen) as an officer slapped the side of his car.

From the clip shared by police, it appeared Scheffler stopped immediately after an officer pounded on his door.

Another video released by the department was from a police cruiser dash camera and also does not offer much clarity.

A version published by WFAA-TV shows a zoomed-in view providing more detail, including an officer appearing to run up to the car’s window, pound on it, and later reach into the vehicle through the window before the driver is removed and taken into custody.

According to the department, Gillis did not turn on his body camera before the interaction.

Because of that, neither the department nor the public has a better view of the incident. The LMPD said a supervisor spoke with the officer about ensuring his body camera is on in the future.

Scheffler was charged with felony second-degree assault on a police officer and misdemeanors including third-degree criminal mischief.

The golfer stated after his arrest that he was merely following the instructions he had been given, which were to drive past security to enter the club.

He also stated he was unaware there had been an accident.

Scheffler was released from jail hours after his arrest and made his scheduled tee time for the second round of the tournament, which was eventually won by Xander Schauffele.

An attorney for Scheffler has vowed to fight the charges against his client in court, stating that the golfer did what he was supposed to do and that there was a miscommunication.

Scheffler has a court appearance scheduled for June 3, according to Yahoo Sports.

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