Popular Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro Makes Huge Announcement to Fans

Popular Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro Makes Huge Announcement to Fans

Judge Jeanine Pirro, a co-host of Fox News's show "The Five," has announced the release of her new book this week.

Her book, titled "Crimes Against America: The Left’s Takedown of Our Republic," is published by Winning Team Publishing, a company co-founded by Donald Trump Jr.

"Can’t wait to see all of you at these book signings!" Pirro tweeted on Tuesday.

"I’ll be at @yaf in Santa Barbara, California, and the @NixonLibrary in Yorba Linda, California on June 1st. I’ll be at @TPUSA in Phoenix, Arizona on June 2nd, and at Collectors Firearms in Houston, Texas on June 3rd!" Pirro added.

President Trump commended her book in a Truth Social post.

"Judge Jeanine Pirro has a brand new book out, CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA – The Left’s Takedown Of Our Republic. An unmatched indictment against the Crazy Left and Joe Biden! Our Borders are open, criminals are out on the streets, and corruption is rampant. If you want to save our Republic, I highly recommend you read this book," Trump stated.

In an interview with the Washington Times, Pirro addressed the Supreme Court's inability to identify the individual who leaked the draft Roe v. Wade judgment last year, stating that it has eroded public trust in the judiciary.

"A lack of accountability has created this sense in America of a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, and the sad part about that is that people in America want to believe everything is on the up and up and that Lady Justice is blind, but Lady Justice is not blind," Pirro opined.

"The Supreme Court has essentially allowed itself to become a political football by not stepping in and making sure whoever leaked it — whether it is a clerk, a secretary, an assistant, or a Supreme Court justice — that not identifying the person has been a self-imposed injury on the court," she added.

Pirro also summarized Special Counsel John Durham’s final report, released a few weeks ago.

"The most stunning part for me is the fact that [2016 Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton, according to the Durham report, was the one who came up with the idea of a Russian collusion hoax," she told the outlet.

She emphasized that restructuring departments from the top down is crucial to regaining public trust.

"No one is fired. No one is suspended," she warned.

Durham found that the FBI began investigating Trump before the 2016 election with "uncorroborated intelligence" and that agents consistently failed to maintain "strict fidelity to the law" during the investigation.

The Daily Caller detailed some significant revelations from the Hillary Clinton report:

According to the report, the FBI was informed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign authorized "a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services," particularly involving "tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee" to distract from her email scandals. CIA Director John Brennan, who documented the plan in his handwritten notes, personally briefed President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and FBI Director James Comey on what was referred to in the report as the "Clinton Plan."

The report states that the FBI relied on the discredited "Steele Dossier," which contained sensational claims about Trump’s private sexual activities and was funded and promoted by the Clinton campaign, which the FBI knew. Durham uses details from a meeting between FBI agents and the dossier's creator, retired British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, as well as texts exchanged between FBI officials to show that investigators knew the data was linked to Clinton.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville of the Alabama GOP expressed that many Americans have reasons to doubt future elections and government institutions due to the alleged targeting of Trump, and those responsible should be prosecuted.

Elise Stefanik, chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, said, "The long-awaited Durham Report confirmed what the American people already know; that individuals at the highest levels of government attempted to overthrow democracy when they illegally weaponized the federal government against Donald J. Trump."

"They took the entire country through this, impeachment, everything else when we knew the FBI never should have done this from the very beginning," Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared.

"The report confirms that FBI personnel repeatedly disregarded critical protections established to protect the American people from unlawful surveillance. Such actions should never have occurred, and it is essential that Congress codifies clear guardrails that prevent future FBI abuses and restores the public’s trust in our law enforcement institutions," said Mike Turner, chair of the House Intel Committee.

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