Primetime Fox News Host Turns On Trump - Issues Urgent Warning

Primetime Fox News Host Turns On Trump - Issues Urgent Warning

For former President Donald Trump, Fox News host Laura Ingraham offers crucial advice for navigating the upcoming presidential debate: stop focusing on your 34-count New York felony conviction.

Ingraham appears to agree with left-wing commentators who have recently criticized Trump for trying to set low expectations for his debate performance before the CNN-moderated debate in Atlanta, GA. Liberal media outlets assert that Trump frequently defends his innocence with lengthy explanations and attacks prosecutors and judges whenever his legal issues arise. Ingraham publicly warned Trump that this approach will only harm his argument.

“If at the end of the debate a lot of time was spent on the 2020 election, January 6th, or Judge Merchan, Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, with Trump at all sounding defensive or angry, I think Democrats at least will consider that a significant win for them,” Ingraham stated. “Remember, they know Biden is weak. And this is not to say the weaponization of government is not a huge issue, it is a big issue. But it’s not what is driving voters to the polls.”

Therefore, Ingraham advised, “I would just quickly dispense with that.”

“I could see [CNN moderator Jake] Tapper maybe asking Trump something like, sir, as a convicted felon, there is a possibility that you may be sentenced to prison and face multiple other cases down the road. How does that make you fit for the presidency, sir? Well, know that this type of question is going to be asked and do one thing, well, don’t get Trump to, you know, try to get Trump to lose his cool. That’s why that question is being asked. Again, Trump doesn’t need to take the bait.”

While the Fox host didn’t fully endorse the leftist perspective, she issued a similar caution to Tapper and then suggested what Trump should emphasize in his defense and debate strategy.

“Now, on their convicted felon point, I’d simply say well, Jake, most people see these cases as driven by politics, and they know that had I decided not to run for office again, none of them would have been brought. But setting that aside, we believe we have a strong appeal in the New York case and we expect to win that appeal. And most Americans, Jake, have no time to follow the minute details of these cases” — after which, she suggested, Trump should pivot the discussion back to key issues like the border, inflation, and other topics the Republican Party deems more critical.

Watch the Fox News segment below:

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