Radical Dem Ilhan Omar Hit With Major Karma!

Radical Dem Ilhan Omar Hit With Major Karma!

Representative Ilhan Omar, known for her far-left stance, faces a challenging primary race amid renewed criticism within the House of Representatives for her remarks deemed anti-Semitic. Concerns are growing among Jewish constituents in her Minnesota district.

Representing a diverse constituency with a significant Muslim population and a substantial Jewish electorate poses challenges. The 5th Congressional District, Omar's domain since 2019, boasts 19 mosques and 11 synagogues.

In the March presidential primary, 19% of Democratic voters in Minnesota opted for "uncommitted" ballots, with discontent over President Biden's reluctance to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This discontent was more pronounced in Omar's district, where approximately 32% of Democratic voters chose "uncommitted," reports The Epoch Times.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.), one of the first Muslims elected to Congress, spearheaded the motion to censure Omar. He cited her remarks at Columbia University on April 25, where she allegedly referred to some Jewish students as "pro-genocide."

Hamas, recognized as a terrorist group by the United States, initiated attacks on Israel on October 7, resulting in casualties and kidnappings, including American citizens. Israeli media coverage depicted the assaults as savage and brutal.

Recently, Omar delivered a speech reminiscent of her Columbia University address at a protest on the University of Minnesota campus, where her daughter was among the attendees. She voiced her support for Palestinian demonstrators and stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of all Jewish students.

Omar's spokesperson has reiterated her denunciation of anti-Semitism and discrimination against Jewish students. However, Republicans initiated a censure motion following her use of the term "pro-genocide," with even Democratic opponents seizing the opportunity to criticize her.

Don Samuels, a Democratic congressional candidate who previously contested against Omar, lamented the recurring pattern of controversy surrounding her remarks, exploited by Republicans for political gain.

In the 2022 primary, Omar narrowly defeated Samuels, a former Minneapolis City Council member.

In 2019, Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) proposed a resolution condemning Omar's anti-Semitic comments, which cited her past remarks about Israel.

Omar's comments, including a 2012 tweet and a 2018 post, attracted criticism from then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called for an immediate apology. Omar responded by acknowledging the reality of anti-Semitism and expressing her commitment to learning from Jewish allies and colleagues.

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