RED ALERT: One Democrat Is Leading Trump By A LOT In Post-Debate Poll

RED ALERT: One Democrat Is Leading Trump By A LOT In Post-Debate Poll

In a hypothetical scenario, a recent survey indicates that only Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, is leading ahead of former President Donald Trump among Democratic candidates.

The Democratic Party is facing significant challenges following President Joe Biden’s abysmal debate performance on Thursday, characterized by verbal errors, moments of confusion, and a mistaken declaration of victory on Medicare.

The poor performance was so notable that MSNBC anchors discussed hypothetical scenarios in which Biden is replaced as the nominee.

On Tuesday, the president attributed his poor performance to a demanding international trip that he had completed 12 days before the debate.

Reuters/Ipsos issued its most recent poll on Tuesday, conducted on Monday and Tuesday. The data indicates that Biden and Trump are evenly matched, with both candidates polling at 40%.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris receives 42% of the votes, while Trump receives 43%. Democratic Governors Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Andy Beshear, and J.B. Pritzker all trail Trump by a greater margin.

Obama is the only candidate with a higher percentage of support in the poll compared to Trump. The difference is significant, with Obama at 50% and Trump at 39%.

The survey indicates that the majority of people hold unfavorable attitudes toward both Biden and Trump. Obama received the highest rating in this category, with a favorable rating of 55%, compared to Trump’s rating of 42%.

Biden’s approval rating is far lower, standing at 38%.

Earlier this year, the former first lady declared that she would not be a candidate. Furthermore, there is no assurance that she would sustain those figures if she were to be nominated against all improbable circumstances.

Hillary Clinton’s approval rating stood at 66% in the late 2000s, but it gradually deteriorated during her time as Secretary of State and further declined when she ran for president.

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